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Zimbo women in SA brawl over Nox

JOHANNESBURG – One woman went home without a bra after a catfight that took place outside the Safari International Hotel during the Alick Macheso Show which ended early Saturday morning.

Nox Guni
Ladies’ favourite Nox Guni

At the centre of the controversy was urban grooves artist and ladies’ favourite, Nox Guni. According to eyewitness, Nox tried to broker peace between the two ladies of the night who both claimed ‘ownership’ of the musician.

It then turned violent with slaps and fists flying all over. One of the women was literally stripped naked from the upper body.

When this reporter arrived at the scene Nox with some other friends quickly jumped into two waiting cabs long before the concert was over. A red bra lay on the tarmac in the aftermath of the skirmishes. Asked for comment Nox denied the fight was over him.

“No I was not part of that. Those people were fighting over a stolen mobile phone. One of the ladies actually works at that venue. It was coincidental that I had to leave with my friends. I was just a bystander,” he claimed.