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Singer Cynthia Mare: Then and Now

By Lance Guma

In this new series ‘Then and Now’ Nehanda Radio looks at prominent Zimbabweans from all walks of life, home and abroad. We get their pictures when they were young (then) and take a look at what they have become (now).

Baby Cynthia Mare (left) with her late mother Enita Charewa Chamboko and Cynthia Mare the grown up singer (right)
Baby Cynthia Mare (left) with her late mother Enita Charewa Chamboko and Cynthia Mare the grown up singer (right)

We ask our featured guests to write a few lines summarizing their journey through life and also ask them to pick their best and worst moments. To kick us off we start with United Kingdom based singer Cynthia Mare.

This is what she told us:

“I don’t believe that many people get a free ride in life. There is always something that makes life that much tougher and I can honestly say, the hard bits of my life made me stronger, and taught me to survive.

One thing that has always been constant in my life is my love of music. I told my dad i wanted to be a singer when i was 5 years old and he didn’t think it was such a good idea ( I don’t blame him, he’s an African dad  – “zvemagitare siyana nazvo”.

Never the less, I’m still here, still striving to be a better musician and still using music to express myself. I moved to the UK aged 16 and pursued my passion. Had a bit of an identity crisis then i found myself again. I am a proud Zimbabwean woman.

One of the toughest things in my life was losing my mom to cancer in 2011. As unwell as she was, i still thought she would make it because to me she was superwoman. I took it very hard when she didn’t make it but out of that pain came the most honest, heartfelt music i have done to date.

An album dedicated to my mom’s memory called “Songs my mother loved” which includes “Hatina Musha Panyika (feat ZimPraise Choir)” and “Zuva Rimwe”, produced by Joseph Madziyire. I thank God for always being there, he has a plan for me.

Also my friends and family and everyone who has every believed in me, Ndepi PR, NowMusic Nigeria, Black Pearl PR, Krunchie Productions, Extol Media and all the DJ’s who play my music every day and everyone who supports me. I am so happy and grateful.”

We also asked Cynthia for her favourite video from her collection and she picked the one below: