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Man beats neighbour’s wife for cheating

By Stanford Chiwanga

A BULAWAYO man from Nkulumane 5 high-density suburb took being his neighbour’s wife’s keeper too far by assaulting her after he allegedly saw her kissing a man in a car in their residential area around midnight. The incident happened sometime in June.

At least seven people were killed by their partners in separate incidents in 149 cases of domestic violence recorded countrywide in one week of June this year
At least seven people were killed by their partners in separate incidents in 149 cases of domestic violence recorded countrywide in one week of June this year

The man, Mr Alexander Ganda, confirmed that his friend, Mr Philip Zheve, who had left for South Africa on a business trip, had asked him to look after his wife, Mrs Pinky Zheve, as she was home alone with the maid.

Narrating the story, Mr Ganda, who was drunk, said he confronted Mrs Zheve, pulled the passenger seat door open, dragged her out of the vehicle before her boyfriend realised what was happening.

The boyfriend (name not supplied) who had momentarily froze with fear, upon realising that his shenanigans with a married woman had been found out speeded away before Mr Ganda had time to question him.

After dragging Mrs Zheve out of the car, Mr Ganda interrogated her on why she was cheating on her husband. Mrs Zheve, who was obviously not grasping the gravity of the situation did not try to wiggle out of trouble but chose to tell Mr Ganda to mind his own business.

Mr Ganda, who admitted to having a fiery temper, lost his marbles and slapped Mrs Zheve twice on both cheeks. He then force marched her to her house before he went home.

“I didn’t hit her per se, I just gave her one or two slaps on the face because what she was doing was wrong. If I had been sober I don’t think I would have slapped her. But I don’t regret it, she was cheating on my friend, people are dying these days, there is a killer disease called AIDS out there,’’ said Mr Ganda.

In an attempt to evade the wrath of her husband, Mrs Zheve is alleged to have immediately phoned her husband and lied that Mr Ganda had beaten her after she refused to sleep with him.

“I didn’t want to tell my friend that his wife was cheating. As far as I was concerned I had solved the issue but I was surprised to receive a call from my friend. He was angry and accusing me of trying to seduce his wife. But I was lucky the maid was my witness, she told him when he returned from South Africa what had happened. It’s a pity that she was later fired but I found a job for her,’’ said Mr Ganda.

Mr Ganda revealed that since that incident he has not talked to Mrs Zheve as she now hates him for spilling the beans. He said: “She wanted my friend to end our friendship but that did not happen, we are still friends. But it’s not the same anymore, we do not drink together like we used to in the past. But I have no hard feelings; he is trying to save his marriage.’’

Mrs Zheve admitted to cheating on her husband but refused to shed more light. “As far as I am concerned that is in the past. I had problems with my husband and that incident was the culmination of a whole lot of marital problems we had. We have moved forward and here you are busy opening old wounds,’’ she said.

Mr Zheve refused to comment.

“I don’t talk to journalists. If I have a problem I talk to my pastor,’’ he said.