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SABC eye Bulawayo based magician for show

By Bekezela Tshuma

Its not often that a virtually unknown entertainer gets approached by SABC but for Zibusiso Moyo (26), a Bulawayo magician from Nketa 9 high density suburb, the almost unthinkable has happened as South Africa’s biggest broadcaster has approached him to feature in one of their shows.

Zibusiso Moyo
Zibusiso Moyo

Zibusiso is undoubtedly a magician of note and leaves a lasting impression to his audiences and his brief performance at Sunday News offices proved that. He left everyone dumbfounded with his tricks.

He made playing cards fly, turned three separate strings into one and made a match box stand, move backwards and forward and also made the box open on its own volition.

However, within the magic-gaming community, this form of entertainment is a target ripe for criticism. There are always controversies where such practices can fascinate a certain number of people in the society while it causes a stir in the fanatics of religion. The Sunday News staff was perplexed at his tailored performances and had much to talk about.

As critiqued by some of the staff, the mysticism of summoning a matchbox to stand on its choice is a direct reference to a woman flying on a broom at night and a threat to souls as some might wonder what power is inflicted into the object.

Moreso, the scenario of a playing card flying in the air with no engine driving it also made the senior members of staff further enforce their own belief of whether this deed was out of good or evil.

Also, the news editor was mesmerized when Zibusiso made a coin sink into the skin of his arm and later removed it from one of his ears. All this mysticism is endlessly captivating, no wonder SABC came calling.

“SABC is promising me something and anytime soon I will be appearing in one of the new shows to be broadcast on the TV station. The paper work is, however, not yet complete and I do not have the full details but all I can say is things are working out quite well,” he said.

Zibusiso said the opportunity with SABC is dreams come true and it has opened a lot of doors for him since he had aspired to appear on television.

“This opportunity has paved smooth paths for me. As a child, I had always dreamt of appearing on television and now my dream has come true. I have been surviving and earning a living since 2005. I made enough money out of performing. With SABC working with me, I am not hesitating to take magic on a full scale”, he said.

Zibusiso said his encounter with renowned magicians from the United States of America and South Africa who have degrees in magic was very educative that he has decided to pursue studies in magic at the University of Magic in the United States of America.

“I was in South Africa all along, working with South African magician called Stone and I was also in touch with American magicians like Criss Angels, Wolfgang, David Blane and Holland who are the gurus from the school of magic in America.

“These guys taught me a lot and now I have prospects in America where I want to go and study magic so that I graduate and hold a degree and then sometime later a PhD,” Zibusiso said.

Zibusiso said his mother’s inspiration has kept him going from the moment he decided to be a magician. He revealed that she supplies him with most of the material he uses to perform his wonders.

“My mother is very supportive and I do not know where I would be if it was not for her assistance. She is currently in the United Kingdom and when I am in South Africa or here, she sends me the things I need in no time. Sunday News