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Daughter (26) strips in front of dad

A MBARE man whose daughter stripped before him disowned his three children at the Civil Court for their wayward behaviour.

zimcourtThere was chaos in the domestic violence courtroom when Silbert Makunda brought his three children before the magistrate.

Makunda was granted the relief he sought to evict his son Bernard (30) and his daughters Winnet (28) and Lindiwe (26) from his house in Mbare. He told the court that the children were “too spoiled” and that Bernard assaults him every time he cautions him.

“He is a drunkard and sometimes assaults me and as for Winnet, she has no respect for me, she talks to me like I am her boyfriend,” said Makunda.

“Lindiwe is the worst and you can see that by her butchered face. She stripped in front of me in my own house. These children’s wayward behaviour started long back and now I want the trio out of my house.”

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Makunda told the court that the mother of the children passed away sometime ago. Lindiwe, who had a swollen face, told the court that she was battered by one of her boyfriends.

“I am begging our father for forgiveness, if he chases us away we have nowhere to go,” she said. Bernard also asked for forgiveness. “Indeed, I answered back at my father and I am begging for forgiveness. I don’t have anywhere to go.”

Winnet, who was in tears, told the court that if her father wished her out of the house, she would have to send one of her children back to its father.

“The one I am carrying I will hand over to Chinyaradzo Children’s Home because I cannot frequent beerhalls when I have to be with the child,” she said. Magistrate Mr Milton Serima ordered the trio to observe peace towards their father.

They were ordered to stop insulting and assaulting him. The trio was also warned against stripping in front of Makunda. Mr Serima ordered them to move out of their father’s house by July 30.