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N’anga surprised by maintenance claim

A HARARE traditional healer yesterday said he was surprised by his wife claiming maintenance for their children since he thought they were living as a happy family.

N’anga surprised by maintenance claim
N’anga surprised by maintenance claim

Evelyn Tandare was claiming US$400 monthly from her husband Zondai Mhlanga Simbini, who is registered by the Zimbabwe National Traditional Healers Association.

The couple stays together with their four children for whom Tandare was claiming the maintenance fees at the Harare civil court. “Your Worship, this man is my husband and we are staying at the same house. He is employed by Zinatha and has been failing to take care of his four children,” said Tandare.

“Despite him having seven other children with different women, I feel he has potential to pay what I am asking for because he has many clients who consult him.”

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In his defence, Simbini said he was attending to far less clients and would not afford to honour the demand. “She is asking for a lot of money because I have few clients who consult me for my services,” he said.

“I get one client a day and charge an average of US$10, implying that in a month I get US$300. I have been paying school fees and doing everything for the children, but I am surprised that she rushed to the courts with the issue. I was thinking that we were staying as a happy family.”

Magistrate Ms Vongai Muchuchuti ordered Simbini to pay US$80 monthly for the four children.