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Woman in false maintenance suit

By Michael Magoronga

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.A bitter woman from Kwekwe sued a former boyfriend for $230 maintenance for a non-existent eight-year-old child.

Her reason for the strange suit was that the man, a police officer, had used her by spending her money during their affair but later ditched her.

Siphathisiwe Dhlamini (32) of D42 Amaveni in Kwekwe, was arrested after it was discovered that she was taking the police for a ride and making a false maintenance claim against Dumisani Ncube a police officer based at Amaveni Police Station.

Dhlamini, a bar tender at ZRP Amaveni Officers’ Mess, dated Ncube for the past 10 years.

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Allegations against Dhlamini are that on 26 March 2019, Dhlamini approached the Civil Court where she claimed $230 per month for the upkeep of her eight-year-old child.

However, upon being served with the summons, Ncube told the police officers that he never sired a child with Dhlamini prompting them to launch an investigation.

The investigations revealed that the allegations were false and upon being quizzed, she confessed that she wanted to “fix” Ncube.

She was arraigned before Kwekwe Magistrate Miss Vimbai Mtukwa facing a charge of making a false report.

She told the court that the move was a way of revenge against Ncube who used her money before he dumped her for another woman.

“I am very sorry your worship for such actions. I did them without thinking about the implications as I wanted to revenge on him as I used a lot of money on him when he fell sick,” she said.

Magistrate Vimbai Mtukwa said Dhlamini did not only waste Ncube’s time but also the court’s time by making false allegations.

“Think of the time that you wasted for the Clerk of Court, the time of the government that you wasted. If I get to sentence you right now you might end up in jail, come back on Friday for sentencing,” said the magistrate.

Dhlamini was remanded in custody for sentencing. B-Metro.