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Judge Ncube clears his name

Dear all
I am writing this note to clear my name which is being soiled. My name is Judge Ncube. I am not part of the grouping which is claiming to have recalled MDC SA executive.

I was surprised to see my name in the Herald yesterday, alleging that I am part of the three member committee which took over from Austin Moyo led executive.

The truth of the matter is I was invited for a meeting and I turned up thinking that the provincial executive called the meeting.

When I arrived I was surprised to find only four people and all of them are not in the MDC structures. To my horror, the agenda was to remove the provincial executive.

I tried to alert them to party procedures and regulations but they couldn’t listen. I decided to abandon the meeting and they went ahead and announced that I was the overseer of the whole process. Overseeing what?

They intended to use my good name as the former provincial chairman to make their plot look genuine. I am a disciplined member of the party and will never take part in any activity which would put MDC into disrepute.

I am a member of the current provincial executive. These guys have created problems for me as I am now forced to make explanations to my colleagues, friends and family members.
Judge Ncube

The MDC-T SA Executive has given us this response

Dear all
The provincial Secretary of MDC in South Africa, William Mabona, issued a letter of suspension for Judge Ncube this morning after admitting that he attended an illegal meeting.

His letter was left at his house in Tembisa this morning by MDC’s provincial Youth members. Ncube has been suspended from his position in the province where he was serving as one of the provincial secretariats.

Mabona said a date will be set to hear Ncube’s story adding that he was still a member of the party, but was asked to put his participation in party activities on hold until further notice.

Mabona, the Party’s Disciplinary Chairman, added that the tone of Ncube’s letter seems to suggest that his name was being used without his knowledge.
“We however have to suspend him to pave way for investigations and if he is found clean, he will be admitted back in the province.

But there is something amiss here. His attendance of the illgeal meeting is raising eyebrows. No-one is above the guidelines and regulations of MDC”
Turning to Farayi Goodmore Mudzembwe and Learnmore Kodzi, Mabona said the duo were not members of the party as their names were not appearing on the MDC SA data base.

Mudzembwe and Kodzi are unknown to MDC SA structures, Pretoria Chairman Mr Marufu and Joburg Chairman Jimmy Mhlanga know nothing about the above named characters.

“We have taken no action against them because they are not our members. They are neither holding Party cards nor appearing in our data base, so how are they our members?,” said Mabona.

They could be supporters or sympathisers of the party, but they seem to be exhibiting their love for the party in a vague way.
MDC-T SA Information Department