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‘Rob MDC-A parliamentary seats, Harvest House, but leave their masses’

By Sibanengi Dube

The MDC Alliance is making the correct noise in the face of an unrelenting onslaught being executed against them from within and without. The Party is more interested in the masses than parliamentary seats and Harvest House.

Sibanengi Dube is a Zimbabwean journalist based in South Africa
Sibanengi Dube is a Zimbabwean journalist based in South Africa

The political carnage which obviously took a lot of scheming and coercing courts into submission obviously came at an enormous expense. Such kind of an operation which is clearly hitting its target with such precision can only be funded by taxpayers.

Behind the scenes machinations are too vast and well-coordinated whose undisputed intention is to deliver a fatal blow to Nelson Chamisa’s MDC A, the only real threat to Emmerson Mnangagwa’s presidency.

The Courts, Army, CIO, Thokozani Khupe, Douglas Mwonzora and Morgen Komichi are part of the maneuvers to defeat the people’s project to rescue Zimbabwe from the undemocratic demon of Zanu PF.

Make no mistake of believing that the protagonists are oblivious of the kind of damage they are inflicting to Zimbabwe. They are very much alive to the kind of pain and suffering their actions are visiting upon the majority of Zimbabweans.

But they do not give a hoot about it. Yes! They don’t care. All of them know very well without doubt that ED is not the choice of the people of Zimbabwe. None of them are unaware of the shenanigans that catapulted the croc to the highest office in the land.

They are all well conversant with the magnitude of poverty which Zimbabweans are contending with due to the illegitimacy of the current government, rampant looting of state coffers and none observations of basic human rights.

This greedy lot knows very well that the current government, which they are tacitly supporting to dismantle MDC Alliance, lacks both the capacity and willingness to deliver basic services like water, electricity and health facilities to the general populace.

They are aware of how Coronavirus is infecting Zimbabweans without any recognizable efforts by the government to arrest the pandemic. Less than 20 are being tested every day and a total of less than 500 people have been tested.

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Their motivation is money, power and fame, not the interest of the people. Morgan Tsvangirai must be hopping mad in his grave as he watches from heaven his confidante, Morgen Komichi, setting ablaze a project he ‘died’ for.

The sell-outs are jostling to capture the soul and heart of MDC Alliance and sell it to the Croc for quick dough. The earth shattering effects of their actions to the people of Zimbabwe is not even on the list of their concerns. All they want is dosh and to stop Chamisa from fulfilling Tsvangirai’s dream of a democratic Zimbabwe.

No effort is being spared to earn a reward from Ngwena for helping him to dispose Nelson Chamisa, a Gutu simple man, who electorally snatched the State Presidency against all adversity.

Buoyed by the spiritual support of his late political mentor, Tsvangirai and armed with oratory, Nero, who had just turned 40, successfully contested Africa’s most feared murderous introvert. With the backing of his Jehovah, the restless and suffering masses, Chamisa mortified Goliath, who had to be ventilated back to the top job by the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission.

This is the kind of humiliation which the croc can’t afford to go through again in 2023 and hence need to structurally annihilate MDC A in advance. The lines of attack by ED’s running dogs are well defined and clearly pointing towards that.

If their interest was limited on fixing the MDC T leadership wrangle why reversing the people’s parliamentary victory, by trying to recall elected Members of Parliament? People are able to realise that only Zanu PF benefits from recalling elected opposition MPs. Only a Zanu PF hand would sow confusion and break the MPs allegiance to Chamisa and MDC A.

No sane Zimbabwe would interpret the current political developments in the opposition party as a genuine leadership wrangle. The legislators whose allowances amount to nothing anywhere are not falling for the carrot being dangled to them by the merchants of chaos.

They are prepared to be recalled and re-contest the by-elections. In the event of by-elections, MDC A candidates do not even have to campaign. The moot Supreme Court judgement has already done the trick.

Khupe, Mwonzora and Komichi are currently feeding fat the credibility of MDC A each time they open their mouths at their endless press conference charades.

The authors of the unfolding political ugly script risk embarrassment if they include voters in their plot. Not even Zanu PF militia would vote for the rebels and gorillas’ candidates.

Mwonzora’s clamour for Harvest House is at variance with the masses. Only Zanu PF has constantly displayed an unadulterated desire to kick out machinja from their headquarters.

Who then would fail to correctly identify the owners of the hymn book which this warped Wasu is now singing from? Even chero vekwake vanaWasu disapproved his hymn book.

The military will eventually step up efforts to annex Harvest House waving the Supreme Court judgement as a justification. MDC A however takes pride at the persecutions they are being subjected to which they view as a stamp of authenticity and badge of honour.

“They can take everything including our parliamentary seats and Harvest House, we have no problem with that as long as we remain with the masses of Zimbabwe,” said MDC A Vice President Tendai Biti in a video post. 

Sibanengi Dube is a Zimbabwean journalist based in South Africa