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ZANU PF version of national healing

ZANU PF is demanding that national healing should be backdated to pre-colonial era since its supporters suffered physical, psychological and emotional victimization at the hands of the Smith regime.

In a televised ‘outreach programme’ in Mkumbura, at the National Museums and monuments.

At a mass grave, ZANU PF supporters where holding bones of dead people demanding that, the families of the deceased where supposed to be catered for before talking about those who were victimized by the ZANU PF regime.

Some gave testimonies of the atrocities which they suffered during this period, whilst a spirit medium spoke on a microphone emphasizing the similar message.

The ZANU PF chairman for Mashonaland Central concluded everything by saying that national healing and peace building which excludes the stated process is not genuine and will be resisted with the venom of a puff udder.

Youth Alliance for Democracy views this as a well orchestrated plan to confuse the already Global Political Agreement enshrined process which seeks to heal those who were victimized as a result of the political wrestling between the signatories to the agreement.

It is an equivalent of hiding behind the Kariba draft in the constitutional making process and a strategy to buy more time before the elections. Further to that ZANU PF is demanding removal of sanctions before going to elections.

They are treating the continual of ‘sanctions’ as an outstanding issue on the part of MDC-T.These silly excuses are also being used to justify the former’s failure to fulfil  outstanding issues such as the appointment of the reserve bank governor,attorney general and provincial governors.

Meanwhile, YAD has received reports from contact persons in Manicaland and Mashonaland Province that soldiers have been deployed in the guise of Operation Maguta, an exercise to purportedly distribute seed and fertilizer, when in actual fact they are coercing villagers to endorse Kariba Draft as the only reference of the constitutional Making Process.

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