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Pastor Chris fever grips Zimbabwe

It’s just a few days before charismatic Nigerian pastor, Chris Oyakhilome, hosts a Global Worship and Communion Service at the 60 000 seat National Sports Stadium.

Nigerian pastor, Chris Oyakhilome
Nigerian pastor, Chris Oyakhilome

Judging by his popularity in South Africa where he holds a record of filling the giant FNB Stadium whose capacity is close to 95 000, the leader of Christ Embassy is quite an extraordinary character.

The prolific preacher makes a debut visit to Zimbabwe next Sunday for an afternoon service which has been dubbed a ‘not to be missed event’.

He will be coming from Johannesburg, South Africa, where the church hosted a four-day Loveworld Festival of Music and Arts starting last Thursday.

While many may be attending the service predictably due to their need for miracles, deliverance and healing; there are some who would like a first hand experience with the ever-smiling pastor whose soft spoken voice easily attracts an audience.

It won’t be surprising if most churches, especially those with followers with a penchant for miracles, will be empty on this particular day.

American business magazine, Forbes, ranks Pastor Chris among the top richest clergy in Africa. According to the profile on the church’s official website, Pastor Chris’ ministry spans over 25 years and is characterised by teaching, healing, television hosting and writing books.

Among the well known publications is the ‘Rhapsody of Realities’, a daily devotional and Bible-study guide which has been distributed in over 242 countries and is translated in over 800 languages.

These include Afrikaans, Arabic, Cantonese, Croatian, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Hindi, Icelandic, Italian, Mandarin, Myanmar, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Swahili among others, the website states.

It is recorded that Pastor Chris holds crusades like the Higher Life Conference and Night of Bliss, drawing crowds of over 3,5 million in a single night.

While many local prophets have laid structures for guest houses which provide personal interactions with their rather inaccessible religious leaders, Pastor Chris runs a popular Healing School ministry after which testimonies of miracles are televised on the church’s stations.

“Pastor Chris in the year 2003, pioneered the first 24-hour Christian Network from Africa to the rest of the world, and this has given rise to three satellite stations, the LoveWorld TV in the UK, LoveWorld SAT in South-Africa and LoveWorld PLUS in Nigeria and still counting.

“Through this medium, millions of people have been reached with the beautiful message of salvation and many lives have been transformed.These stations are also available on the mobile platform,” the church’s website states.

Pastor Chris also hosts the “Atmosphere for Miracles”, a programme airing on major television networks in the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Asia, Europe and other parts of the world.

“The man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome (PhD), established the International School Of Ministry, specifically to train and equip ministers of the gospel of Christ, building in them the realities of God’s word and empowering them to carry the message of eternal life in Christ Jesus to their world, with great demonstration of the miraculous power of God.

“Pastor Chris also pioneered the establishment of the Inner City Mission of Christ Embassy, a ministry to children living in the Inner cities of our world, to give them a hope and a future.” The Sunday Mail

  • huh be afraid very afraid!

  • Vanenge vsripo here kana kut ndo zvavo zve ma tv zviye. Kana zviri zvo zvotogonekwa ne vanhu veku church kwavo ini hangu ndoda munhu aripo
    In physical. Zve technology haisat yasvika kwandiri

  • If it was Prophet Magaya or any local Pastors ,just being mentioned in the headline you should’ve seen many comments of criticism😉😎

  • We welcome him so that he could help prophet magaya, makandiwa and many others with the driving away of demons in our country. Demons of poverty, killing, stealing, raping, intolerance and false religions. Wellcome.

    • He better start with his country Nigeria it has more problems than the rest of Africa but nevertheless we still welcome him here in Zim

    • You are right Mhlambo as they say charity begins at home.Why can’t he start with Boko Haram

    • Wena dnt speak zvausingazive!

  • another robber who shields himself with the Bible, conman prophet, he failed to solve his own marital problems and you expect him to solve you marriage disasters

    • Guess he’s of the “do as I say not as I do” ideology!!!

    • really? divorce is something chinowanikwa doesnt mean u r a conman amana !

    • woooo rather be robbed by a local prophet than an outsider, i can’t…. a Nigerian?

    • ruvimbo did he ask anyone for momey? i attended his programs in SA wasnt asked for a cent!!

    • higher life conferencer every yr in SA we attend mahara and anowuya achiparidza and teaching people the word of God only!!

    • as hard as it is to advise a follower of a prophet, ngatiisiyei ipapo, wakamboonepi Pentecostal church ina founder asingapinde muhomwe dzevatendi,

    • u talk about Pentecostal and money do u think ana roma they r poor?? do your research sis the vatican is the richest in the world plus i am not a prophet follower i am a christ follower

    • pastor chris is not a prophet he is a pastor who is imperfect as u can see he is divorced!

    • kkkkkk you can defend your man of God from all angles but that doesn’t change his inner person, the richest is Bushiri though

    • Tjo i thout doz accusations can only cme frm men nt a woman lyk u my sis!

    • Maybe pastor Chris’ wife akabhaudisa and gave her p***y to another man since Pastor Chris is always busy travelling all over the world preaching and not satisfying his wife in bed. Yaaa some guys can see the gap and take a chance and bang the wife nice and very very very HARD. So on those adultery grounds even the Bible supports divorce.

    • vatican city is the richest they can buy a whole country! that’s y I say research on riches of churches like catholic so u have facts!! no church is as rich as Catholic church shame!

    • your point was pastor chris is a con man lets hear facts not just hatred for african pastors that people have ! who did he con and were? l just told u as someone who attended his meeting he never asked a cent from anyone!

    • so your objective when following pastor Chris is for earthly possessions ka oh! hoo yes i see, what’s your point really

    • following christ dear not a pastor and most of his sermons he teaches word he has never said to anyone ita so owana mari never!

    • i know these charismatic preachers are only concerned and focus mostly on prosperity forgetting life after death

    • thats why i say your judgment of him is not based on fact listen to his sermons

    • he doesn’t understand the Sabbath and he doesn’t preach it that’s why sithi igebengu

  • Klitschko akarohwa naJoshua last night. Klitschko 41yrs and Joshua 27

  • Why did Zimbabwe Council Of Churches ban T B Joshua from entering the country but allowing this Pastor from the same country.

  • I dont have tht fever, leave some of us alone!!!

  • Idya mari yemadinga Chris

    • Unfortunately everything for PASTOR CHRIS IS FREE YOU DONT PAY ANYTHING

  • Charity begins at home,pray 4 them Nigerians

  • Fever for what? What will he bring to Zim, the fever to worship the true God should be gripping Zim not the coming of a known womaniser to NSS. that is Africa’s biggest problem, idol worshipping, Chris will come and go and you will not see a single positive change in your life. The only change you will see is that you will be having less money than what you had before he came.

  • Why does Pastor Chris bleach his skin?These Nigerians seem to hate their nice beautiful dark natural skin complexions, just take a look at Nigerian Nollyhood African movies and see how skin bleaching has taken Nigeria by storm.

    • Bro in Nigeria there light skined and dark skined pipo.

    • i hate to say it xavier i came across his old pics and i have to agree he does bleach!!

    • I once thought he ws colored ka, nebvudzi rakapemewa nekutsvuka

    • Joane am nit sayin he doesnt bleach. Bt was jus clarfying to ma fela here dat some Nigerians ar light skined nd there ar those hu are very dark skined as we al kno the to be

    • @Xavier I’m mature and very observant enough to see and notice those who bleach their skins and those that are naturally light skinned.Ramsey Noah and Van Vicker are of mixed blood they are coloured and its so easy to see even on TV. But some of these women in African movies are light skinned because of skin lightening creams.Even in Zim we have plenty such people fake Yellowbones especially in Harare.

    • You hv issues my guy…zvinebasa reyi zve skina yake

    • @Mufaro Lolo here on Facebook people are allowed to expres themselves and write anything they want about anyone even the way someone dresses, the way he looks and also even the way and the number of times someone fucks his woman per day or per week etc. This is social media so relax please

    • If you see my old pictures and now you will think I bleached, sometimes it’s change of environment, diet and activities. Pastor Chris grew up a privileged life, Son of a diplomat he had reasonably good life. Check his father he was fair too and I wouldn’t say the old man bleached.

    • Sansole Chikanga Munya lol i am so relaxed shaaaa…skaaa you sayin munhu haachabvumidzi kuchinja here…even wena you have changed nd you will continue to change…Runyararo Mherekumombe well said my brother…these people kungotsvaga negative things about men of God…

    • Sometimes it’s out of ignorance Mufaro Lolo because many con artists are out there. Pastor Chris doesn’t give anyone water or oil, or wrist bands, he will give you the word and grow your faith then it’s up to you to use your faith. Many will attend and go back with their problems because they think he is another magician.

      • Munhu waMwari

        I think if you believe in the word that he preaches there is no need to label those you have not believed as con artists. Thats very malicious from a true Christian. The same way people does not understand the operations of Pastor Chris spiritually is the same way you may not understand wristbands, oil and water. Let the kettle not call the pot black. The fact that you don’t want water does not make it evil, we drink water every day to heal thirsty and its medicine and oil is used widely in the New testament. Should we criticize Pastor Chris for using his shadow to demonstrate God’s power. Grow up my sister.

    • Runyaro now you talking real good stuff i agree with u on that point.Very true pastor Chris teaches and gives the word not some smelly oil and ritual based wrist bands and water some Zim so called pastors give.

  • Am I the only person who thought he is a South African?

  • You mean Harare ? I didnt even know he is in Zim ?

  • Glorryyy Zimbabwe will never be the same

  • Hallelujah Zimbabwe will never ever be the same again…thank you lord for this anointing …Only Believe! 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌👌

  • Thus non of your damm business, stop commenting people’s complexion here

  • thank u Lord may he speak a word of prophecy to our beloved Zimbabwe!

  • Rohwai cash 😜😜😜

  • I welcome you to Zimbabwe. May you utter words from God himself which will help us, we need that Word, we’re hungry for that Word!!! Thank you for coming …

  • Most Zimbabweans are a gullible lot lam sorry to say.They run after magicians and religious charlatans hoping to be redeemed from the claws of poverty and social desperation. Since the emergence of these so called tele pastors and celebrity prophets vazhinji vachirikungokwangwaya nenhamo.What Zimbabweans need to understand is that Jesus Christ is the Lord.Otherwise munofa muchingo dzingana nemhepo.

  • Zimbabweans can’t come together in numbers to support for change in Zim for their future, but would rather come together and plan for their next life with a Nigerian conman, I am sure God looks at this nation and think what a waste. Absolutely deserve what we got.

    • FromTheHip

      Amen! And if you see the number of pastors, prophets, churches and congregations, you would never imagine it is the same country with so much corruption at all levels of society, rich and poor.

  • @Zimbudzana , wareva chokwadi wangu⚒⚒⚒⚒ ndakupa

  • Huyawo uunganirwe sezvirikuitwa vanaMakandigaya ndiwe wadii

  • Sooooo excited… Can’t wait for the 7th. Mwari varangarira Zim and He has sent His prophet. Glorrrrrrrry

  • If he is a true profet,go and pray for the captured Chiboko girls and kill Boko Haram like David killed Goliat.

  • What happened to his wife if I may ask,I once read that she filed for dirvoce In the UK stating that Chris is a womaniser

  • Its bcoz he is from Nigeria ,vaparidzi vazere muno but vanhu kuda zvinhu kunotinetsa zvikuru

  • Zvekupenga izvo

  • Vanhu vaye vatanga!

  • Muchinda anonzi Chiwenga anondikomborera hangu anechimwe chokwadi chinosvota though pamwe achimbodhomoka

  • Vanhu if you not going chingonyararai..imi mukubatwa batwa nechy…suprising the stadium is goin to be full

  • Uuum yema pastor iyi hatingaigoni ngayisiyei mungatoborana maziso pano😁😁😁😃 kkkk

  • Count up 5 days to go

    Kupindurana kuchanetsa!
    Zvekuzoti kwaPastor Chris kwanga kuri sei?
    Matinamatirawo here?

    Munhu ngaazviendere ega!

  • Woow after that meeting many people’s lives will be transformed and therz going to be a drastic change in our nation coz this is the set time for our nation

  • Munhu waMwari

    Whats the importance of Sabbath to Christians who follow after Jesus Christ?

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