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A bit of cheer for Comrade Chinx

By Mtandazo Dube

After three years, the house that the Zimbabwe Music Awards (Zima) promised musician, Dickson Chingaira Makoni aka Cde Chinx, is ready to be occupied.

Joseph Nyadzayo in front of the house he built for Cde Chinx and his family in Sentosa.
Joseph Nyadzayo in front of the house he built for Cde Chinx and his family in Sentosa.

The roof, ceiling, tiles, plumbing, cabinet fittings, security wall, lawn and pavements are all in place. By Wednesday last week contractors were putting final touches in the two master bedrooms complete with en suite while the lawn was being tended to. 

Zima chairman, Joseph Nyadzayo, who is also a friend of Cde Chinx says the handover of the house is this Tuesday, however, there is one BIG problem. Cde Chinx is ill-disposed – battling cancer at a hospital in the capital – and Nyadzayo is clearly a troubled man.

The trendy open plan kitchen
The trendy open plan kitchen

Having invested US$30 000 of his personal money into the project and spent several man hours, supervising the project and going door-to-door begging for resources from well-wishers, Nyadzayo has one plea from God.

“I have just one wish – to lead him (Cde Chinx) here,” said Nyadzayo during a tour of the Sentosa property.

“I want him to see what we have done, what Zimbabweans some of whom have never met him or interacted with him, have done.

“If all Zimbabweans; fans of Cde Chinx, music lovers and Zimbabweans as a whole join me in prayer for the speedy recovery of this man, I would be very grateful.”

The Zima chairman, who promised Cde Chinx a house, in a televised awards ceremony in 2014, said although, it had taken him three gruelling years to complete building it, he now more than ever feels desperate for Cde Chinx to finally live in his new home. 

Nyadzayo was speaking exclusively to this publication while overseeing the final touches to the house he built for Cde Chinx with the help of several well-wishers. The Sunday Mail