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Pastor Chris endorses Prophets Uebert and Beverly Angel

Nigerian televangelist, Chris Oyakhilome (Pastor Chris), the founder of Christ Embassy has given his ringing endorsement of UK based Zimbabwean preachers, Prophets Uebert and Beverly Angel.

Prophet Angel and his wife Beverly travelled to Lagos, Nigeria last week to attend a conference hosted by Pastor Chris. After Angel and his wife were asked to come on stage inside the 24 000 seater capacity venue, Pastor Chris calmly delivered his endorsement;

“You know some people have… I call you any title you give yourself, I call you, you understand. But she is not called Prophetess because it sounded nice, that if your husband is called Prophet she should be called a Prophetess. Neither is he called a Prophet because it sounded nice.

“You know what, I know many people who are called Prophets, by title.That’s true I know many. But he is truly a Prophet of God… he is.. and she is a Prophetess, that’s true.”

Only last year in March, Nehanda Radio reported how Angel travelled to Nigeria for a “Global Finance Conference” where he met and spent some time with Pastor Chris.

Angel credits Pastor Chris for playing an inspirational role in the formation of his Spirit Embassy church in 2007. In 2005 during New Year’s Eve, Angel and his wife Beverly, were watching Pastor Chris’s New year Message on television and say that’s when the seeds were immediately sown.

In a tribute on his instagram page in 2018, Angel wrote;

“My level of indebtedness, honour and love to and for this man, pastor CHRIS OYAKHILOME, is beyond my ability to articulate and even my own comprehension.

“It is then of paramount importance that it be known that Pastor CHRIS OYAKHILOME is not a man I call a ‘friend’ but a mentor, a life coach and a ‘father figure’ because calling such grace a ‘Friend’ is tantamount undoing all of my spiritual dignity and integrity.

In November 2018, Angel and his wife Beverly again went to Nigeria for the glittering marriage ceremony of Carissa Sharon Oyakhilome (popularly known as CSO), a UK based gospel singer and daughter of Pastor Chris and Anita Oyakhilome, who got married to her lover Philip Frimpong.