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Zvorwadza gets international support for demos

By Tarisai Machakaire

After spending more than three weeks in the Diaspora, militant leader of the National Vendors Union of Zimbabwe (Navuz) Sten Zvorwadza says he now has the resources to hold sustainable demonstrations until the President Robert Mugabe led government crumbles.

National Vendors Union of Zimbabwe (Navuz) chairperson, Stern Zvorwadza
National Vendors Union of Zimbabwe (Navuz) chairperson, Stern Zvorwadza

There has been a lull in demonstrations in the country after Zvorwadza went to the United Kingdom, Sweden and Denmark seeking support from Zimbabweans based there to end Mugabe’s 36-year-old rule and now he says he is back with vengeance.

Zvorwadza had to cut short his trip as authorities here wanted him in court on various charges connected to his demonstrations.

“Zimbabweans across the world want the Zanu PF government to step down immediately or face the boot.

“I had the occasion to hold numerous meetings with Zimbabweans in the Diaspora and they showed their willingness to support this cause.

“At the moment, preparations for the “mother of all demos” to be held on November 18 are at an advanced stage.”

The demonstration going by the hashtag #munhuwesemuroad (everybody get into the streets), has been dubbed as the mother of all demonstrations.

The demonstrators are castigating Mugabe and Zanu PF’s “gross incompetence and human rights violations”.

“The Zanu PF-led government is good at blaming the West as funders of the regime change agenda.

“We now want to see how they are going to blame each and every citizen who is willing to fund efforts that will surely see this government gone.

“Our government is on record banning good efforts, I wonder how they will achieve the ban against citizens donating resources against its removal from power.

“Remain in power if citizens appreciate what you are doing as a government, but surely back off if citizens no longer want you.

“The citizens’ movement can never be defeated by leaders who are simply bent on self-appeasement rather than national development and comfort,” Zvorwadza said.

Among some of the social movements that are going to take part in the demonstration according to Zvorwadza is #ThisFlag, #ThisFlower, #Tajamuka, Navuz, #ThisGown, Occupy Africa Unity Square, #ThisConstitution and #TheEndGame.

The vendors’ leader said there was no room for acceptance of the much disputed bond notes adding that Zanu PF bigwigs were free to splash the “pieces of paper’ in their residential yards.

“What these leaders think is that money (local currency) is always successful when backed by gold or a loan but, in actual fact, the only way money can be successful is when citizens have confidence in it.

“It is a public secret that Mugabe splashes about $4 million whenever he travels and he is one man who is going to feel the pinch of the bond notes more than any other citizen.

“His medication calls for foreign currency — where does he think he will go with four million worth of bond notes?

“We are appealing to Mugabe to save himself from embarrassment of trying to pay for his foreign interests using bond notes.

“My research has shown that that currency will fall by 97 percent in the same month that it is introduced.

“I am telling you today that those Zanu PF bigwigs will start fighting amongst themselves because of that currency.

“Society and business people alike will not accept them and government should be wary that they might end up killing their people if they are careless when the demonstrations erupt.” Daily News

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  • Powered

  • Ramba wakadaro shinga mugabe nevanhu vake tichagura musoro

  • Keep it up

  • Anorwara uyo dzidzai kuzvirirtira

  • When is he launching his own political party?

    • Majahamahle Ndlovu

      Did he say he is going into politics? So you think Sten is just talking politics? You must be deranged.

  • Viva Ndikoko ,thts great

  • Viva Stan, Long live the struggle

  • Why does he have to go overseas to ganner support?

    • Wherelse wl he get monetary support in zim wth these bonds

    • I thot he was just doing fine. He will start to lose support now, believe me.

      • Majahamahle Ndlovu

        Bumhira, I don’t blame you, I realise your short circuit. You are even talking to yourself. Kkkkkkkkk.

    • because of?

    • He wl not mari inotodiwa

    • Simple because in Zim we have this weird belief that when one goes overseas, meets white pple, gets support from them ,they’re enemies and will bring about what they call regime change.

    • Look at that founder of the #ThisFlag ,P Dzamara etc, pple were nolonger listening to them when it comes to demos, pple felt betrayed and let down when that guy moved to the US. Yu will understand what lm talking about with this planned demo #MunhuWeseMuroad, it will be a flop

    • Hey remember nyika ino takaitora mushure mekunge vaka shinga vabuda kunze to.gunner the necessary resources had we not had outside support I tell you Dai mabhunu achiri kutonga, Stan akuedza kuku batsirai , chete Vamwe vacho Ndimi the oppressers of your own pple.

    • I think you mis understood me mwana wamai.Bro, nguva yehondo yes some went outside to seek aid, be it refugee or weapons or training etc, that was very necessary at that time. Right now l don’t think going overseas is a good move,all he needs is numbers, a lot of pple sacrificed a lot in these demos of late. We don’t need the west to determine to us what must be done munyika medu. Learn from Egypt, Libya to understand what lm trying to say .We need we to bring change in our own country, we need each other, not money.

    • the struggle also needs money to finance some of the activities. The diaspora have such potential to give a helping hand.

    • I rest my arguments.

    • Byron endawo Overseas kana uchida,

    • Eddie Mutuma, andidi

    • even mugabe the President go to china once or twice a month. why???

    • Bumhira u talking sense ,its a game of numbers not money,kana patoita mari pakunetsa nekuti everyone wants to be accountant of that money ,saka tikamira nehuwandu hwedu zvinhu zvinotiitira,

      • Majahamahle Ndlovu

        Mukuru vambwa you are as dom as Bumhira, you mean to tell me that you don’t know that such demos need money? eg Banners, first aid medication in case of tear gases, fuel to ferry the injured in cases of a stampede, food for the weak, etc…The list is endless. We are not talking about funding of buying luxury cars and houses and putting in individual pockets you dummy.

    • Mugabe goes to China for weapons why ask yourself first

    • Even if he cld get the m8ney frm the regime that u dnt like I wld advice him to take it n use it against him

    • Tonderai Chirevo Mambundo, ,l doubt very much yu expect an response. China wants to be a super power, and it’s against the West just like Mugabe,that’s why Mugabe introduced the Look East Policy .But who is benefiting most! China of course ,look how they’re looting our diamonds, bringing cheap labour, bringing in ready to sell goods instead of opening plants/manufacturing equipments to Zim.The same will happen regarding this money this idiot is taking from the West

      • Majahamahle Ndlovu

        Byron you are the Idiot.

    • Was that money given out of love and respect of the struggle or it got demands! !!!!! we dont know that, so be very careful with these pple who go overseas for help, they will bring back slavery in disguise of economic growth

    • Its all the same change is needed ….some of the zimbos are already slaves in their country

    • Majahamahle Ndlovu

      Where do you want him to go? Didn’t he talk to you first ? he told you ‘come up and let’s fight together’ How else do you want him to involve you?

  • Keep riding Bro Sten never let the hypocrites kill your wish

  • stupid man

  • Great man

  • When they said these demo are supported by foreigners , don’t deny that

    • So wat if they are supported by foreigners?Zanu pf doesnt get funding frm foreigners? Are chinese,Nigerians British Zimbabweans,suka!

    • Gud question bro ,isu vana veZimbabwe hatina basa kuti hu funds these demostrations so long this corrupt Gvmnt yabva chete .Am surprised at hw u concerned nekuti huz funding these anti Zanu protests usingatauri kuba kurikuita vanhu ivava ,unless of coz u one of them ,dont worry bro tichakubatai one one wen the tym comez ,nxaaaaaaa kuda kutijairira kutiita tudhoma twenyu ,NONSENSE

    • Zvatirikutongwa nemu Nyasarandi wani

    • Kkkkkkkkkkk #enough_is_enough

    • Ndidzo imbwa dze zanu idzodzi ,tichakudimurai machende murivapenyu mirai muone

    • Ini kuita we zhanhu pu F! Kuti ndava kupenga here

    • Majahamahle Ndlovu

      What can you support this demo with wena? With your bond tissue. Come on stop being naive.

  • Haiwa ita wega ndiwe ukudya mari yawakapiwa kuOversea kwako

  • Iwewe Uchibva kuno demostrater naye kumba kwako ukunovata wadya chibage chokukanga kana kuti unonosvika uchinetsana na landlord nenyaya ye rent pane kuti uswere uchiona yekutamba kuti yerent iite unoswera uchiitiswa mu street,, iye anobva ananga kunopuwa mari nema donors ake nekunovata adya chikafu chodhura…vanhu vakamira na Mawarire izvezvi muri muno iye akudya achiguta ,nekuvata pakanaka…vanhu vaimira naye vari kudya 2 meals per day zvekuto hardira futi….vanhu vakapusa vanoitiswa….anofunga kuti Mugabe anobva nema demo here…ngaaite,steady 2018 asvike

  • Mazanu munonetsa

  • Anotamba nesu uyu…ngaatikwanire

  • Pamberi na Sten

  • I support you

  • Stupid fool…then those foreigners who r funding u r the ones who wil join yr silly demos. U have been overtaken by events when u where in oblivion! U think violence wil bring change in Zim?

    • Violence is the only language zanu pf understand Sten is 100% right

    • We need violence ,like it or not Hre is going to be on fire soon ,watch and see

      • chipo

        yes violence the only language they will understand agreed because they think we stupid people

    • Another moron. U thugs.,this time hamulume. Violence never wrk in Zim. We r not all Babarians like u. Only elections determains the winner. My advice to maggots like u is to emulate Chipanga.. register yr Vendor’s party so that u face ZanuPf. This time ..we shall see where u gonna hide..

    • Better wth the foreigner than own

    • Majahamahle Ndlovu

      What then can bring change? Tell us? We all know that’s the ZANU PF way of solving problems. So we are joining them and we want to beat them at their own game. ALUTA.

  • He s my Hero, at least he s better than Morgan Tsvangirai.

  • Ngaazame tione akabudirira. Kufurirwa nevanhu vanotori nezvinangwa zvavo zvinofadza ivo. Zvinotoitisa kuti titambure zvikuru. Hurumende yakasarudzwa nevote kana ichifanirwa kubviswa ngaibviswe nevote futi kupera

    • Mhata yako iwe ,utaure zvaunoziva.howmany times Tsvangirai achihwina vote iyoyo imi mazanu ndonga muchiramba kubva

  • Kushaya mano kuti timba pinda mumba

  • zev_love

    No need to get yourself arrested and harassed by the cops Cde Sten, just wait out baba Chatunga will be six feet soon!

  • Maakutosvika shingai

  • come 2018,register your ideas by voting not going for demos

  • haiwa zvekupenga izvo,imboti nyongolonyongolo tikutambidze zvinoringana newe.benzi rega rega rine mhando yeshamhu yaro

  • Big fool .

  • Stop using people .everyone who follows you is a big fool ,you get paid and you don’t give them a cent . vanorara vasina kudya iwe unodya pamadiro . paunoenda kunze kuma donners ako hauende navo . ivo chavo kusenza mumastreet chete vachirohwa kkkkkkkkk kuZim kwakasara mapenzi kkkk mapenzi ndomazhinji vakagwara vanoshandira mhuri. Mapenzi anongotenderedzwa zuro na Pastor Evan nhasi naDzamara magwana naZvorwadza. Vamwe Mujuru vamwe MDC .now vamwe na Hosiah chipanga kkkkkkkk

    Don’t you think Voting as a solution . matojaira kuita kunge mhuka muchimhanya muchirohwa kutinhwa semombe. Fools . sei muchida kutungamirwa kunge mombe .angouya nechinyaya chake mese kutevera .Fungai zvamowana pazviri this guy is not a politician haana chaano budisa kana 1 .

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