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Zvorwadza gets international support for demos

By Tarisai Machakaire

After spending more than three weeks in the Diaspora, militant leader of the National Vendors Union of Zimbabwe (Navuz) Sten Zvorwadza says he now has the resources to hold sustainable demonstrations until the President Robert Mugabe led government crumbles.

National Vendors Union of Zimbabwe (Navuz) chairperson, Stern Zvorwadza
National Vendors Union of Zimbabwe (Navuz) chairperson, Stern Zvorwadza

There has been a lull in demonstrations in the country after Zvorwadza went to the United Kingdom, Sweden and Denmark seeking support from Zimbabweans based there to end Mugabe’s 36-year-old rule and now he says he is back with vengeance.

Zvorwadza had to cut short his trip as authorities here wanted him in court on various charges connected to his demonstrations.

“Zimbabweans across the world want the Zanu PF government to step down immediately or face the boot.

“I had the occasion to hold numerous meetings with Zimbabweans in the Diaspora and they showed their willingness to support this cause.

“At the moment, preparations for the “mother of all demos” to be held on November 18 are at an advanced stage.”

The demonstration going by the hashtag #munhuwesemuroad (everybody get into the streets), has been dubbed as the mother of all demonstrations.

The demonstrators are castigating Mugabe and Zanu PF’s “gross incompetence and human rights violations”.

“The Zanu PF-led government is good at blaming the West as funders of the regime change agenda.

“We now want to see how they are going to blame each and every citizen who is willing to fund efforts that will surely see this government gone.

“Our government is on record banning good efforts, I wonder how they will achieve the ban against citizens donating resources against its removal from power.

“Remain in power if citizens appreciate what you are doing as a government, but surely back off if citizens no longer want you.

“The citizens’ movement can never be defeated by leaders who are simply bent on self-appeasement rather than national development and comfort,” Zvorwadza said.

Among some of the social movements that are going to take part in the demonstration according to Zvorwadza is #ThisFlag, #ThisFlower, #Tajamuka, Navuz, #ThisGown, Occupy Africa Unity Square, #ThisConstitution and #TheEndGame.

The vendors’ leader said there was no room for acceptance of the much disputed bond notes adding that Zanu PF bigwigs were free to splash the “pieces of paper’ in their residential yards.

“What these leaders think is that money (local currency) is always successful when backed by gold or a loan but, in actual fact, the only way money can be successful is when citizens have confidence in it.

“It is a public secret that Mugabe splashes about $4 million whenever he travels and he is one man who is going to feel the pinch of the bond notes more than any other citizen.

“His medication calls for foreign currency — where does he think he will go with four million worth of bond notes?

“We are appealing to Mugabe to save himself from embarrassment of trying to pay for his foreign interests using bond notes.

“My research has shown that that currency will fall by 97 percent in the same month that it is introduced.

“I am telling you today that those Zanu PF bigwigs will start fighting amongst themselves because of that currency.

“Society and business people alike will not accept them and government should be wary that they might end up killing their people if they are careless when the demonstrations erupt.” Daily News