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Mnangagwa has turned Zimbabwe into a ‘graveyard of values, ethics’ – Biti

Former Finance Minister Tendai Biti has accused President Emmerson Mnangagwa and his colleagues who led the military coup that ousted former leader Robert Mugabe in November 2017 of reducing Zimbabwe into “a graveyard of values, ethics or conscience”.

Mugabe ruled Zimbabwe for 37 unsuccessful years before he was removed by soldiers sponsored by Mnangagwa.

When he got into power, Mnangagwa promised a cocktail of reforms to revive the economy and connect Zimbabwe to the international community through a mantra “Zimbabwe is open for business”.

The economy, however, resisted his policies, more than five years now the country is experiencing a massive hyperinflation coupled by a financial crisis.

Zimbabwe is supposed to hold elections on August 23 and the economic situation will play a huge role in determining what voters will decide.

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Biti believes that the current regime has crippled the country in all aspects, especially the economy.

“44 years of vacuous extractive politics has plunged this country into a total absolute tin pot. A ruling class without ideas never mind ruling ideas represents a great existential threat to its people. The class of 2017 represents a rogue class that has reduced Zim into a moral rubble,” Biti said.

“A graveyard of values, ethics or conscience. The challenge of 2023 is therefore to reclaim our ethos and reset Zim. In short the challenge is to find a new consensus that puts the citizen first and liquidates once and for all a putrid praxis of hate division and narcism.”

“2023 must usher in a new value based consensus based on respect, accountability, openness, solidarity and collective responsibility. The Zimbabwe we want that marries the importance of our past and the aspiration of the post liberation generation. That Zimbabwe is possible.”

Describing the economic situation in Zimbabwe, Steve Hanke, a Professor of Applied Economics at The Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, said:

“Zimbabwe is experiencing its 3rd period of hyperinflation in 15 years. Since January ’22, the Zim dollar has depreciated against the USD by ~97%. Zimbabwe is in 1st place in this week’s Hanke’s #CurrencyWatchlist. Zim must mothball the Reserve Bank and officially adopt the USD”.