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Bona and Simba divorce reveals they own 21 farms, 25 residential properties worth millions

Divorce proceedings between late former President Robert Mugabe’s daughter Bona and Simbarashe Chikore have exposed that the two individually or jointly owned properties worth millions including 21 farms and more than 25 upmarket residential properties.

Bona filed for divorce from Chikore in March this year, on the grounds that there was a total breakdown with no prospects for restoring the union. She is seeking an order for a decree of divorce.

Chikore wants all properties acquired during the subsistence of their marriage to be shared equally.

He has listed 21 farms, more than 25 upmarket residential properties, cash, plus companies and movable properties worth millions of US dollars.

According to the Herald, while Bona Mugabe in her original divorce petition sees the marriage as irretrievably broken down, Chikore thinks in his response that the couple’s marriage is capable of restoration provided they get genuine counselling and family support, although he qualified this by suggesting there is interference from third parties and personal agendas.

Bona and Simba divorce reveals they owned properties worth millions
Bona and Simba divorce reveals they owned properties worth millions

While Bona wanted the asset division issues postponed, with the divorce, child support and custody issues sorted out first, Chikore, who is being represented by Rogers Matsikidze, has drawn up a long list of properties in his counterclaim, and wants this untangled so the two are not stuck together in property issues as if they are in a joint venture.

Chikore accuses Bona of “unreasonably” refusing to settle, and lots of falsehoods have been channelled insinuating that he is after her property, yet he is claiming what the couple acquired during the subsistence of their union.

The property claimed is just a drop in the ocean, according to Chikore, if it is to be compared with what is certainly Mugabe’s.

“Defendant (Chikore) is not claiming even a thread thereof. Defendant contributed to acquiring the properties acquired through his savings from his former jobs as a pilot and the farming venture,” read Chikore’s plea.

In addition, Chikore says he contributed through earnings and donations from his father-in-law for work, jobs and special assignments done on behalf of his father-in-law.

“There is much input through direct and indirect contribution wherein the defendant contributed to the assets, both movable and immovable, acquired during the subsistence of his marriage.”

The parties, according to the court papers, have lost all love and affection for each other and have been living apart for more than nine months. Bona Mugabe cited Mr Chikore’s activities outside marriage as one reason for the breakdown.

The couple have three children aged seven, five and two. Bona is also seeking full custody of the children arguing that it was in their best interests but with Chikore granted access to them every alternate weekend, but Chikore wants the opposite. The courts will have to decide on what is best for the children.

Bona also seeks maintenance for the children of US$2 700 monthly per child until they attain their majority or become self-sustaining, whichever occurs first.”

Mugabe said during the subsistence of the marriage, the parties jointly and individually acquired movable and immovable property but dealing with the property issues in the divorce suit would delay the grant of the divorce decree.

In his counterclaim, Chikore wants all properties acquired during the subsistence of their marriage or donated to them as a couple to be shared equally.

According to Chikore before and during the marriage, he claims to have acquired or was given shares or owns solely or jointly, through donations and or in inheritance, the following residential properties:

Stand 287 Helensvale of 3,497ha valued at US$314 730.

Stand 288 Helensvale of 1,4207ha valued at US$305 000.

Stand 268 Helensvale of 1,3226ha valued at US$284 000.

Stand 306 Carrick Creagh of 1,8034ha valued at US$386 500.

Stand 307 Carrick Creagh of 2,5133ha valued at US$539 000.

Stand 308 Carrick Creagh of 1,3733ha valued at US$294 000.

Stand 309 Carrick Creagh of 1,6775ha valued at US$359 464

Stand 312 Carrick Creagh of 2.3311ha valued at US$499 500

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Stand 313 Carrick Creagh of 2.6676ha valued at US$571 628.

Stand 347 Carrick Creagh of 1.3733ha valued at US$294 000.

Stand 348 Carrick Creagh of 0,712ha valued at US$152 571.

Stand 349 Carrick Creagh of 1.4407ha valued at US$308 721.

Stand 99 Carrick Creagh valued at US$180 000.

Stand 61 Helensvale valued at US$4 300 000.

Stand 40 Helensvale of 8,6257ha valued at US$1 848 364.29.

The remainder of Helensvale of 73.3819ha valued at US$40 000 000.

Stand 466 Carrick Creagh called Teede Land of 54,8726ha valued at US$11 758 414,29

Stand 27 Quorn Avenue valued at US$550 000.

Stand in Milton Park valued at US$330 000.

Lot 5 Helensvale of 2.4019ha valued at US$514 692.86.

The Mansion 657 Dubai has an estimated value of AED 30 million.

Chikore in his counterclaim also says he acquired or was given shares or owns solely or jointly, through donations and or in inheritance, the following twenty-one (21) farms and properties:

Rosam farm of 104.2335ha.

Gushungo Estate/remainder of Foyle 1200ha.

Iron Mask farm 207,8205ha.

Cressy Dale Lot Two 184,534ha.

Tankantara 659,98ha.

Lot 1 Swan Dale 155,482ha.

Lot 2 Swan dale 101,84ha.

Swandale 106,361ha.

Commenting on this case, investigative journalist Hopewell Chin’ono accused Zanu-PF officials of not wanting to be removed from power in order to maintain their extravagance.

“This is a list of some of the properties owned by Robert Mugabe’s daughter, Bona,” he said.

“It makes you understand why Zanu-PF kills to stay in power, they have looted beyond a sane mind’s imagination.

“Bona and her husband list 21 farms, and that is Robert Mugabe alone! Damn!”

Opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) legislator for Harare West Joanah Mamombe questioned why the land audit is yet to be released.

The land audit findings were never made public, it is now clear why. The Mugabes have 21 farms, the same Mugabe who preached the gospel of One Farm,” she said.

“The majority of Zanu-PF elites are multiple farm owners, while poor peasants are farming and are crowded in infertile soils.

“The war of liberation was fought so that the majority of Zimbabweans have equal access to fertile land. Our fathers never went to war so that one person can own 21 farms. Zimbabwe needs new leaders,” Mamombe added.