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Shadaya slams ‘shameless man’ Simba Chikore after divorce demands

Controversial blogger Shadaya Knight has lashed out at the late former President Robert Mugabe’s son-in-law Simbarashe Chikore for demanding properties he allegedly did not work for in his divorce proceedings with his estranged wife Bona.

Bona filed for divorce from Chikore in March this year, on the grounds that there was a total breakdown with no prospects of restoring the union. She is seeking an order for a decree of divorce.

Accordingly, Chikore wants all properties acquired during the subsistence of their marriage to be shared equally.

According to the court papers, Chikore, the former Chief Operations Officer (COO) of Air Zimbabwe listed 21 farms, more than 25 upmarket residential properties, cash, plus companies and movable properties worth millions of US dollars.

Commenting on the issue, Shadaya said Chikore is an embarrassment to manhood by allegedly demanding the properties he did not work for.

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“Fellas, regardless of how the supposed wealth was acquired, don’t ever be like this shameless man. Never fight for anything that you didn’t sweat for, this man right here is an embarrassment to manhood, a gold digger, feminine behavior,women’s modus operandi,” the controversial blogger said.

“This is what happens when as a man you don’t build yourself up, you will end up scavenging even from women. Such men who operate like this pathetic excuse of a man exist today, men with no pride, men who want to be taken off by women. Men who refuse to be men…

“As a man you must have pride & that pride should never allow you to:

“Live under a roof that isn’t under your name or pay rent to – better to sleep under a bridge, than to be accommodated by a woman. How are you even the head of the house, a house you don’t have any claim to never be fed by a woman, she isn’t your mother, where is your pride as a man to go n hunt for your own food. A woman who feeds you will never respect you, she’ll view you as her son not man.”

Shadaya shook the world on social media in February this year after he tweeted shaming American celebrity couple, rappers Asap Rocky and Rihanna, over gender equality roles in their relationship.

He urged men to avoid relying on women.

“Better to eat from the bin than to eat from a woman’s kitchen whose food you didn’t buy.

“Never be clothed by a woman, better to wear rugs than to wear designers she bought you. This is the pride that you must have as a man, never be dependent on a woman. Always operate in the masculine frame, you’re a man, a provider, not the other way round.

“Don’t date women who are from royalty or wealthy families, if you are not as well, under the illusion that her wealth or status will be transferred to you. A king can marry a nobody and she’ll become a queen. But a queen can marry a nobody and he’ll never be king.

“As a man builds yourself up, in both wealth and status, so whichever woman comes into your life, gets to fight to inherit whatever that comes with your name, not the other way round. It’s embarrassing to fight for a share of wealth from women, beyond disgusting…

“Imagine going to divorce court to fight for a share of wealth from a woman on what grounds. At least women get to say for raising his kids & having to hold her own ambitions, as the man pursues his. What does this gigolo even say, how was he prevented from acquiring his own wealth.”