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Inno Morolong and Zim prophet boyfriend back in each others arms

Six months after South African slay queen Inno Morolong dissed her Zimbabwean prophet boyfriend, Tapiwa Munyuki, accusing him of being so broke ‘you can’t even buy roll-on:’ the two lovebirds are back together again.

Reality TV star and club host Morolong posted an Instagram story saying “having you back in my life is the best thing to happen to me right now. Love u forever.”

Lets remind you what she said of Tapiwa back in September 2022.

Reality TV star and club host Inno Morolong
Reality TV star and club host Inno Morolong
She accused accused him of being a slacker who was living off her and claimed that he had never contributed anything since moving in with her.

Munyuki, according to Morolong, couldn’t even afford an onion or a roll-on.

Comments on the popular gossip Maphepha Ndaba Instagram page were varied with one molebo_kardashian replying; “Are we ever going to stop reading about this lost soul….with sense of belonging issues???”

The page adds “a little bird on the DM also whispered that Morolong won’t mind if Tapiwa proposes. Onother gossiping bird says Morolong is even considering moving to Zimbabwe for a while.”