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Majaivana songs “illegally” re-titled and renamed with Shona titles

Some of the songs by the legendary Lovemore Tshuma, affectionately known as Lovemore Majaivana, who is arguably the most popular Ndebele singer have been “illegally” titled and renamed with Shona titles.

Majaivana is considered one of the finest musicians to ever come out of Zimbabwe and his extensive catalogue transcends through the generations.

There have been loud calls for him to come out of retirement and make music again.

There are concerns, however, that some of his music online has been renamed to Shona.

Ezra 'Tshisa' Sibanda (centre) receives a "Legends and Pioneer Award" for Services to Music and Arts at the Zimbabwe Achievers Awards UK in May 2017. Looking on is the ZAA founder and CEO Conrad Mwanza (right)
Ezra ‘Tshisa’ Sibanda (centre) receives a “Legends and Pioneer Award” for Services to Music and Arts at the Zimbabwe Achievers Awards UK in May 2017. Looking on is the ZAA founder and CEO Conrad Mwanza (right)

Veteran broadcast journalist Ezra Tshisa Sibanda castigated those behind the act saying it is illegal. He added that Majaivana’s fans both Shona and Ndebele were not happy.

“Lovemore Majaivana, Zimbabwean musician, arguably the most popular Ndebele singer, and by far the most prominent to have come out of Midlands Province has seen some of his songs on-line especially iTunes re-titled and renamed with Shona titles.

“This is criminal, an insult to the artist and saddening to Majee fans. Why and how someone would do such a thing remains a mystery,” he said.

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“These people have done so much damage to Majaivana who is alleged to be receiving no royalties from the sale of his music. Majee is alive and well, to do this while he is still with us proves the company distributing his music doesn’t value him and don’t care.

“I have never seen songs by any artist anywhere in the world renamed and given new titles, worse without seeking permission from the singer.”

The prominent journalist further urged the Zimbabwe Music Rights Association (ZIMURA) and National Arts Council of Zimbabwe to intervene.

“This is an abomination, National Arts Council of Zimbabwe, ZIMURA and other arts organisations should protect Majee. How are they collecting royalties on songs which don’t exist?

“Majee has no Shona titled songs and Shona speaking people love Majaivana the way he is, singing in IsiNdebele and his songs titled in Ndebele just like the Ndebele speaking people love Mtukudzi and his songs sung in Shona. Possibly this is the way to steal his music and cash in on his works.

“Genuine Shona people are angry with the changing or renaming of Majee songs and are condemning such sickening and barbaric behaviour by the company selling his music on-line. Such behaviour is divisive, causes hatred and has no room in the modern world.

“All these are toxic elements in our living as a people. The Government of Zimbabwe should close down the music company which is distributing Majee’s music. NO to such nonsense,” Sibanda said.

In an interview with Nehanda Radio, National Arts Council public relations officer Rodney Ruwende urged Majaivana to properly secure his music.

“It is imperative that Artists, recording studios and labels copyright their works and protect them from pirates who can upload and distort their works on online platforms. This will protect it from the distortions in the titles you are talking about.

“We can only advise the artist or the owner of the work that has been infringed to report the violation with the online platforms,” he said.