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Eswatini premier league referee brutally kills wife; hands self to police

A veteran referee from Eswatini’s top flight league, Lucky Ndlangamandla, was last week arrested for brutally killing his wife after he allegedly stabbed her 24 times with a knife following a dispute between the couple.

According to reports, in the wee hours of Wednesday last week, Makalakalane as Ndlangamandla is popularly known, had a heated argument with his late wife over accusations of infidelity after the accused had not slept at home and is said to have spent the night away.

“The altercation between the couple, according to sources, started after Ndlangamandla spent the night away from his flat,” wrote Eswatini Observer.

“They said the woman, who worked in Newcastle, South Africa, arrived at Ndlangamandla’s flat on Tuesday night and did not find him there.

“However, since she had the house key, she managed to get into the house with the hope that her spouse would return during the course of the night.

“Ndlangamandla reportedly returned the following morning and found his wife around and asked what she was doing at their flat.

“The well-placed sources stated that the couple had already been having issues in their marriage and were estranged as a result.

“A verbal quarrel, which escalated to a physical altercation is said to have ensued.

“It was during the quarrel that the wife is reported to have stated that she wanted out of the marriage.

“The referee is said to have not taken kindly to this, so he allegedly cited that his wife could not leave him as he had paid dowry (lobola) for her.

“Ndlangamandla is alleged to have further stated that he could not be jilted especially because he had even bought her a car.

“As all this happened, the woman reportedly grabbed a kitchen knife, which Ndlangamandla tried to snatch away from her.

“However, not only did he manage to disarm his spouse, but he allegedly also stabbed her with it.

“It is alleged the woman was stabbed about 24 times all over the body.”

Following the gruesome murder, the seasoned match official reportedly handed himself to the police.