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‘Everything is pointing towards the rigging of elections’ – CSOs worry

Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) have expressed concern that Zimbabwe is not ready to have free and fair elections this year and several reforms still need to be implemented to achieve a credible poll.

The CSOs cited the preliminary delimitation report presented to Parliament by the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) as an example of a “flawed” process that may lead to an unsatisfying election result.

Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition spokesperson Obert Masaraure told a meeting on Saturday that specifications of a free and fair election have not been institutionalised.

“Are we going to sheepishly submit ourselves to an election when we know that these are flawed processes? People are going to say no, let’s rationalise and allow this process to go. Allow an election that has already been rigged?

“We all know that everything is pointing towards rigging the elections. We have a State media which remains biased and a military factor as well.

“Why are we participating? Are we doing it in the sense that we want development and democracy in Zimbabwe? If we want democracy we have to say enough is enough and get to a point where citizens say away with this delimitation process.

“We will go to an election when the voters roll and the State media is accessible to all players and when the military is no longer part of our politics,” Masaraure said.

“These reforms are serious and must be done. We, therefore, submit that Zimbabwe isn’t ready for elections and we urge those who want to participate in the process to call for credible electoral processes,” he added.

Main opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) Secretary General Chalton Hwende claimed that Zanu-PF MPs wanted to manipulate the delimitation process to get President Emmerson Mnangagwa votes.

“In 2018 Mnangagwa had less votes than his MPs in 118 constituencies in the country!! He was so unpopular with the voters. Zanu-PF MPs did not even want to associate with him. The Deep State is now using ZEC and the delimitation report to correct this,” he said.

Former Deputy Prime minister in the 2009-2013 Government of National Unity (GNU), Arthur Mutambara has since pointed out that the ZEC must redo the delimitation exercise before dismissing the preliminary delimitation report as invalid and unconstitutional.