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Dr Malinga blasts Makhadzi for treatment he received at her show

By Oluthando Keteyi | IOL News |

Last September, renowned musician Goodwill Malinga, affectionately known as Dr Malinga, received an outpouring support from fans and those in the entertainment industry after he went public with his financial woes.

Several celebrities such as Black Coffee and Makhadzi showed Dr Malinga support, through donations or setting him up with bookings.

“I finally reached Dr Malinga. I promise to not exploit him but share the little I have with him. God must bless and protect us. Artists have been going through a lot during Covid-19. We all suffered,” said Makhadzi at the time.

The award-winning musician booked Dr Malinga for her one-woman show on October 1 at Makhuvha Stadium in Limpopo, which was a success.

However, it seems not all had been a complete success as Dr Malinga has taken to social media and revealed he was not treated well by Makhadzi.

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“Guys you never asked me what happened when I was booked at Makhadzi 1 woman show, please ask I will tell you,” wrote Dr Malinga on Facebook.

The post was filled with intrigued supporters who weighed on the situation. In a follow-up post, Dr Malinga told Makhadzi to stop using people for her own benefit and that God is watching her.

In the comment section, he listed the issues he had with the treatment he received at the show, from getting no food and drinks and he accused Makhadzi of using his name to promote her show.

“Let me count I never ate anything at your show … no drinks. I’ll go live soon to tell people that you promised you won’t exploit me; promoters treat me better than you did,” he wrote.

“Is not that I hate you, NO just your attitude,” he wrote. “No accommodation for thee Dr Malinga,” he also wrote.

In the post, Makhadzi commented and shared that she respects Dr Malinga and wondered whether this was a publicity stunt as he has her number.

“If you talkin about my show. You are the only first person to receive it because I was touched by your story, I made sure I take my own money from my own pocket and pay you cz my business partners were refusing to add more people in my line up.

“So if you got paid what else are your crying for? If there’s more I think you stl have my number (sic),” she commented.