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Furious Mutsvangwa claps back at Mzembi criticism of Zanu PF govt

Zanu PF spokesperson Christopher Mutsvangwa has launched a scathing attack on exiled former cabinet minister Walter Mzembi for criticizing the government’s solar energy rollout for civil servants meant to shield them from the country’s incessant 12-16 hour power outages.

The government recently announced that it was working on a plan to provide solar systems to civil servants as part of their non-monetary benefits.

This announcement comes after the government awarded free solar unit schemes to over 100 senior government officials in order to protect them from the massive power outages, which received a public backlash.

Mzembi accused Mutsvangwa and his wife Monica of benefiting from the solar energy program and the government’s US$500,000 loan scheme given to each cabinet minister.

Mutsvangwa launched a scathing attack on Mzembi, whom he accused of being corrupt and of stealing funds for national projects during his tenure as cabinet minister, saying he was the least likely to criticize the government.

“Mzembi is the least person to criticise the well meant solar energy roll out for civil servants. He has a sordid record. As Deputy minister of foreign affairs I lobbied successfully to enlist Zimbabwe as a recipient of Export-Import Bank concessionary loans.

“Mzembi went on to hijack funds from one eligible project. He did this in concert. To whitewash the corrupt thievery he added a few Leyland Ashok buses as a sophomore to the army. This is as he pocketed the rest of the loot.

“He added yet another non performing loan to the books of the fiscus. An onerous burden to the taxpayer. By the same token loan delinquency made Zimbabwe ineligible for further EXIM Bank India funds,” said Mutsvangwa.

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Government recently gave 31 ministers US$ 500, 000 loans each, 12 deputy ministers US$ 350, 000 loans each, and 210 MPs US$ 40, 000 loans totaling US$ 28 million at a time when the country is facing a slew of economic challenges such as the energy crisis, a dreadful health-care system, and dwindling civil servant salaries.

Walter Mzembi
Walter Mzembi

Mzembi went on to accuse Mutsvangwa and his wife of being part of the beneficiaries of this controversial loan scheme, pocketing a total of US$ 1 million while ordinary citizens suffered in abject poverty.

Mutsvangwa dismissed Mzembi as a bitter foe who despised his marriage and accused him of numerous sexcapades.

“Mzembi is miffed and bitter that I outsmarted him in 2017 as their G40 power grab drive cascaded to a thunderous crash.

“Mzembi seems to have a chip about my stable marriage. Here he is treading onto slippery territory. I eerily remember him boasting about his ‘prized conquest’ of the female persona of a woman Comrade who had ascended to second tier national leadership.

‘It is common cause I had congenial relations with the said politician. Mzembi gleefully offered his good offices to repair the frayed relations of the two estranged ex-combattants. Mzembi amorous access to her meant that she could be turned to my favour,” said Mutsvangwa

“Never mind that I had known and worked with the Comrade as of 1975 during the Chimurenga II. There is yet another occasion of his infidel debauchery. This time it was in USA.

“Like an overactive billy goat he consumated coitus with a youthful hooker in a Chicago car park This was as we left a nightclub.

“I had organized the trip and had sponsored his ticket in a drive to promote tourist investment in the foremost city of Africa’s Diaspora. The hooker pleaded for a puny $25 for that transaction steeped in mean immorality.

“She bargained she needed it to feed her desperately poor family back home. I was just so appalled,” concluded Mutsvangwa.

Government has been under public scrutiny for its handling of the current ongoing energy crisis which has dampened the merry festival mood.