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Mzembi firebacks at Zanu PF for blaming Mugabe for power crisis

Exiled former cabinet minister and G40 faction kingpin Walter Mzembi has lashed out at his erstwhile party Zanu PF for pinning the current energy crisis on the late former Zimbabwean leader Robert Mugabe.

Zanu PF spokesperson Christopher Mutsvangwa in a recent interview with South African media blamed Mugabe who was dethroned in the November 2017 military coup for the ongoing 12-16 hour incessant power outages.

Mzembi who remained Mugabe’s ally until the latter’s death rubbished Mutsvangwa’s statement charging that the current ongoing energy crisis had been induced by gross state corruption and bad governance.

Writing on his twitter handle Mzembi accused Mutsvangwa of maliciously attempting to use Mugabe as a scapegoat at a time when the Zanu PF government was dogged by a series of corruption scandals which benefited ruling party bigwigs yet the country was plagued by the energy crisis which needed an immediate solution.

“Mugabe ndiye wakakutumai kundotenga maSolar 5KVa Generators eUSD $14500 iwo achiita USD $3500 (translation: Was it Mugabe who sent you to buy 5KVa Solar units at an inflated price of US$14 500 when their actual price is US$3500.”

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“Mugabe ndiye wakakutumai kupanana maLoan edzimba USD$500000 kubva muhomwe yenyika Nyika isina magetsi (translation: Did Mugabe approve that you give each other US$500 000 loans using funds from the state coffers when the nation is facing energy challenges).

“HuSpokesperson hwemuBedroom hunonetsa, Kwanai Cde! (Translation: This ill-gotten bedroom spokesperson is misplaced, come back to your senses cde),’” said Mzembi.

Government recently gave 31 ministers US$500, 000 loans each, 12 deputy ministers US$350, 000 loans each and 210 MPs US$40, 000 loans which total US$28 million at a time the country is facing a myriad of economic challenges including the energy crisis, a deplorable health sector and eroded civil servants salaries.

Critics have also accused the current government of having misplaced priorities for using taxpayers funds to shield over 100 top government officials, including service chiefs from the massive power cuts through a controversial solar unit scheme.

While ordinary citizens face severe power outages without any government assistance.

Exiled former cabinet minister Jonathan Moyo said the decision for government officials to have solar systems installed while ordinary citizens were left in the dark was a bad idea that had cascading consequences.

“In the present situation of load-shedding lasting for 18 or more hours; this is a bad idea on many fronts, and it is bad politics. Let’s have power for everyone, not just for civil servants!

“The power (electricity) dilemma has become the most critical question of our time, certainly in Zimbabwe and South Africa.

‘Failure to deal with this question, with CONCRETE immediate, intermediate, and long-term SOLUTIONS, will leave Zimbabwe and South Africa as failed states,” said Moyo.