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VP Chiwenga set to testify as Mubaiwa applies for trial in South Africa

Vice President Constantino Chiwenga’s estranged wife Marry Mubaiwa has questioned the jurisdiction of the case she is being charged with attempted murder which is alleged to have happened in Pretoria, South Africa.

Through her lawyer Beatrice Mtetwa, Mubaiwa argues that she must be tried in the province or region where the alleged offence was committed, adding that the case lacks jurisdiction.

The State is set to bring Chiwenga to court as its key witness in the case accusing the former model of attempting to kill him in a South African hospital in 2019.

Mubaiwa is facing several charges that include money-laundering, and trying to fraudulently upgrade her marriage without Chiwenga’s knowledge. 

The State will be represented by George Manokore and Lancelot Mutsokoti.

She was remanded to today (Tuesday) for trial. Mubaiwa was recently acquitted of assault charges.

“The accused contends that from the State’s allegations, the alleged offence was wholly committed outside the borders of Zimbabwe and there is no allegation or other legal contention that the alleged offence had impact or intended impact on Zimbabwe which would clothe the court with the necessary jurisdiction,” Mtetwa said.

Circumstances are that, sometime in June 2019, Chiwenga was airlifted to South Africa for medical attention accompanied by Mubaiwa, his security team comprising provincial intelligence officer John Allen Lifa, Major Blessing Muringi, one Major Nyoni and Sergeant Andrew Mugari, as well as medical health staff comprising Warren Sibanda and Health deputy minister John Mangwiro.

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It is further reported that, on arrival, Mubaiwa allegedly kept Chiwenga at the Sheraton Hotel in Pretoria for more than 24 hours without taking him for medical treatment, leading to his health deteriorating.

This allegedly led to his security forcing its way and took the former Army General to Netcare Hospital, where he was placed under intensive care by one Doctor Sieling.

It is reported that Chiwenga had an intravenous giving set and central-venous catherer inserted in his body to sustain his life for weeks in a private ward.

The State claims that on July 8, at around 2000 hours, Mubaiwa allegedly tried to harm Chiwenga after ordering his security officers, Mugari and Nyoni to excuse her, indicating that she needed privacy.

It is alleged that she removed Chiwenga’s life support machines, which resulted in Chiwenga bleeding profusely, and his condition further deteriorated.

She left the ward and was allegedly intercepted by hospital security personnel as she exited the door.

Hospital security then alerted nursing staff which took Chiwenga back to his hospital bed and reconnected the lifesaving machines.

Chiwenga was later flown to China where he recovered and came back to the country and filed a report on November 27, 2019, to the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission.

Mubaiwa was arrested on December 14, 2019, but she denied the allegations.

A request for a mutual legal assistance document for extra-territorial investigations in the Republic of South Africa was made in which statements from witnesses who are South African nationals will be recorded.