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Zanu-PF, opposition MPs connive to “loot” US$14 million in hefty allowances

In a move that seemingly exposes the unwillingness of both Zanu-PF and opposition MPs to resolve the economic challenges facing Zimbabwe, the legislators have controversially agreed to be paid US$40,000 one off payments, totalling US$14 million for 350 members, funded by taxpayers.

Critics are blasting the opposition MPs for accepting such an offer when hospitals, clinics among other basic service providers are struggling.

Some have also viewed the move as a plan by President Emmerson Mnangagwa to buy the support of MPs ahead of the 2023 harmonised general elections. The legislators will get US$40 000 each in loans to the tune of US$14 million.

Award winning investigative journalist Hopewell Chin’ono argues that the offer was strategically made by Zanu-PF in its quest to maintain grip on power.

He further pointed out that if any MP, whether from the ruling party or opposition, was really concerned about the state of service delivery in Zimbabwe, they would have rejected the offer.

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“The US$40,000 one off payment to ALL Zimbabwean MPs totaling US$14 million shows students of politics that Zanu-PF understands power!

“Those in politics to serve would ask why now? Those not bothered about dilapidated hospitals will just pocket their share. Remember that in 2023,” Chin’ono said.

“These are some of the Zimbabwean Members of Parliament that will receive a one off US$40,000 loot!

“Zimbabwe has 350 Members of Parliament, so the taxpayer will fund these MPs to the tune of US$14 million.

“All public hospitals don’t have a working radiotherapy cancer machine!”

In an interview with Nehanda Radio, political analyst Pride Mkono said the offer exposed not only Zanu-PF MPs but the opposition for being greedy.

He said it was disappointing that some of the legislators had not even uttered a word in Parliament but they are set to receive the money.

“What is apparent in the elite agreement between Zanu-PF and opposition is that we are run by a corrupt, inept and unproductive elite which is predominantly focused on accumulation,” he said.

“All they want is to accumulate at the expense of the generality of citizens. Across both parties there are greedy elites. That is why you find parties are prepared to go into an election without reforms. And it’s those same individuals who return to Parliament and continue enjoying those benefits.

“It is actually disappointing if you look at the service that they have done. Some of the MPs have not even spoken a word in Parliament.

“They have contributed nothing in Portfolio Committees, but there they are, getting US$40 000. It will take an average young person two lifetimes of 60 years each, which is 120 years to earn US$40 000. And it’s quite shocking that we have these very greedy elites who are just serving their own interests,” Mkono said.