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‘We are being persecuted for loving our country to the core’ – Sikhala

Incarcerated opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) Vice Chairman Job Sikhala (MP) has written an emotional letter telling his supporters that they are being persecuted for “loving our Country and the downtrodden in our society, with all our hearts and soul.”

Yesterday marked 102 days since Sikhala, his fellow MP Godfrey Sithole and 14 residents of Nyatsime were jailed over what their party regard as “frivolous” charges of inciting public violence.

They were arrested on June 14 at the funeral wake of murdered CCC activist Moreblessing Ali. The state claims that the accused wanted to avenge the murder of Ali.

In his letter from Chikurubi Maximum Security Prison on Wednesday, Sikhala said their arrest was a testament that the Zanu-PF regime was “afraid of the dissent”.

Sikhala also mentioned a petition initiated by Professor Ibbo Mandaza and his colleagues where they are demanding President Emmerson Mnangagwa to intervene and end the detention of the CCC activists.

“As correctly pointed out by Prof Ibbo Mandaza and 115 others’ petition, our arrest is purely political persecution by a regime afraid of dissent and democratic discourse in the Country.

“We are victims of our beliefs, beliefs which we dearly hold, belief that Zimbabwe must be a free society devoid of callous murders and killings of those holding differing views and opinions.

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“We are suffering and being persecuted for loving our Country and the downtrodden in our society, with all our hearts and soul,” he said.

The Zengeza West legislator added: “Beloved Zimbabweans, we dearly love our Country and everyone living in it to the core. Zimbabwe belongs to all of us and we will strive forever for a society of equality and happiness.

“Your overwhelming support is echoing here through the walls of Chikurubi Maximum Security Prison. We are NOT criminals. We are political prisoners of a regime that is scared of its people.

“It must be known, however, that Zimbabweans are not fools nor cowards as envisaged. They are just cautious and patient. Hassan Omar Al Bashir thought likewise in Sudan before people’s power taught him otherwise.

“The people of Zimbabwe are boiling with anger and it has reached a tipping point. Even accomplices in our persecution know it. Zimbabwe is a Country of the unhappy, poverty stricken and tormented souls.

“Our persecution and torment is a testimony of the generality of every Zimbabwean. Only the evil and looters and their compt kins rejoice in our suffering, whilst me and you live like paupers in our own country,” he stated.

Sikhala believes that Zimbabweans were at the verge of uprising in defiance of the Zanu-PF rule.

“The hour of the people’s power shall come and we shall have tears of joy. We shall be witnesses to this grand occasion during our lifetime. Your support, dear Zimbabweans, is needed most during this crucial hour of our country’s history.

“We seek your full resolve to stand with us and speak out about injustices of the movement being perpetrated upon us,” read the letter from Sikhala.