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Chin’ono hammers ‘useless’ prospective CCC MPs and councillors

Prominent journalist Hopewell Chin’ono has castigated aspiring opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) MPs and councillors for “doing very little to motivate the youths” to register to vote.

Chin’ono noted that since the last election, only 109,405 have registered to vote. With 32,000 dead people having been removed from the voters roll he said only 77,405 have been registered.

“Between 2018 and today, 2 million youths turned 18. Prospective CCC MPs/Councillors are not doing their work,” Chin’ono said.

“The truth is that CCC prospective MPs and Councillors are doing very little to motivate the youths. Serious politicians reach the youths via Tik-Tok, but none of our lot is there.

“They don’t care because they are targeting urban areas where they are guaranteed to win.”

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Despite the opposition having a history of winning in urban areas, Chin’ono said if they do not motivate youths to register to vote, they would win but with smaller margins.

“They will win these urban seats and wards but with small margins affecting the Presidential vote.

“But for most of them they don’t care because parliament is a job, and not service.

“If Nelson Chamisa doesn’t do something drastic, he will lose because of his team’s failure!

“CCC should be a citizen movement which throws away the ‘…we were there when it started…’ nonsense which has crept into CCC from the old MDC.”

The investigative journalist further stated: “We are not fighting for useless candidates to replace a group of useless Zanu-PF MPs and councillors. Zimbabwe needs REAL CHANGE

“We are not interested in photographs of prospective MPs and Councillors in communities, we want to see the numbers of registered voters going up.

“Hakainde Hichilema didn’t post pictures at all, we saw the registered voters going up and we knew that it meant change was coming to Zed!”

He said any prospective and current MPs or Councillors “who don’t want to hear this truth are not only USELESS, but as bad as Zanu-PF.

“Citizens should not babysit old people and be afraid to call them out. We are fighting for a better Zimbabwe and not to help people to the feeding trough.

“Any serious and genuine prospective or current MP or councillor would not have a problem with being told the truth unless they are a mere useless job seeker!

“Job Sikhala is in jail today for fighting for a citizen’s rights.

“Why can’t you just mobilize youths to register?” Chin’ono added.