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‘We are not underpaid’ – ZBC workers declare in ‘dodgy PR letter’

General workers and presenters at the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) have distanced themselves from a document by the organisation’s national workers committee claiming management was flouting procurement procedures and employees were threatening to strike over poor wages.

In a letter dated June 23, addressed to the company board chair, copied to board members, CEO and all members, the ZBC national workers committee accused management of corruption. It also claimed that workers were contemplating to strike if their salaries were not reviewed.

But on Wednesday, ZBC general workers and presenters said they were not associated with the committee’s utterances. They went on to call for the disbandment of the committee.

It’s not clear if the latest letter is genuine or an attempt by management to save face.

“We, the General Workers and Presenters of ZBC have watched in astonishment the recent on going and incessant attacks of the CEO in the social media which are being sponsored by the Worker’s Committee,” the letter began.

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“We are further shocked at the Worker’s Committee mis-representation that their actions are representative of all ZBC employees and management.

“We believe that, as workers, we are being drawn into a power struggle which we, as General Workers and Presenters of ZBC, do not wish to participate in,” read the letter dated June 29, copied to the CEO, board chairman, all board members and all employees.

They further stated that: “We believe that the denigration of the CEO in public and social media through peddling of falsehoods as well as incitement of employees by the Worker’s Committee through WhatsApp Groups, through Memos as well as social media reports deviates from the purposes that the Worker’s Committee was constituted.

“We therefore seek your intervention in dissolving the current Worker’s Committee to allow workers to vote for a new committee which represents Unity, Progress and Worker Aspirations.

“We seek your good office, to assist us in disseminating our Memo across ZBC platforms. Please note we do not share the sentiments raised by the Worker’s Committee or else allow us to form our own committee which represents our interests.

“We pray that our Petition will be heard and urgently acted upon for the interest of the Corporation and All General Workers and Presenters.”