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‘CCC is heavily infiltrated by the CIO’- claims Prof Jonathan Moyo

Exiled former cabinet Minister Jonathan Moyo has claimed that the opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) party is “heavily infiltrated” by the Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO), who are persuading it not to hold an elective congress.

The Nelson Chamisa led political party formed in January this year has been under pressure to hold a congress to select substantive leadership.

But the party’s deputy spokesperson Gift “Ostallos” Siziba said CCC had no vacancies and would not hold a congress ahead of the 2023 elections.

Spokesman Gift Ostallos Siziba and Happymore Chidziva in Epworth
Deputy CCC Party Spokesman Gift Ostallos Siziba and Happymore Chidziva in Epworth

He added that holding a congress would create a launch-pad for Zanu-PF to infiltrate the party and impose its people.

“Our road-map and path to power has no congress in it, not just in form and character or practice. We are not holding a congress, the nomenclature of a congress does not exist (in our vocabulary),” Siziba said.

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“What if we are going to have a national people’s convention or an assembly, we are not going to have a congress that belongs to Zanu PF, MDC Alliance and other political formations. It does not exist in the CCC,” he said.

“It is the headquarters of Zanu PF and the CIO who in their imagination think we are going to have a congress so they deploy their people.

“We know there are people planning, there is no vacancy in the alternative, there is no programme for political power. We have no political programme around what people might term a congress.”

“We have learnt from our past movements, from our history; we have been in this struggle for two decades, experience is the best teacher.”

But Moyo holds a different view. He argues that the main opposition party has already been infiltrated by the CIO and they are the ones pushing for no congress.

“The infiltration argument is based on the strange presumption that the CIO cannot infiltrate them without a congress when they’re already heavily infiltrated by the CIO.

“Their anti-congress mood could be from CIO infiltration; congress might in fact fumigate the CIO infiltration,” Moyo posted on his official Twitter handle.

Moyo is among the people who are pushing narratives that the CCC should hold an elective congress before the upcoming election. Nehanda Radio