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Top comedian Clive Chigubu succumbs to cancer at the age of 31

Award winning Comedian Clive Chigubu has passed on after losing his battle with cancer.

Chigubu had been diagnosed with Diffuse Large B cell lymphoma (DLBCL) cancer which had left him bedridden.

Award winning Comedian Clive Chigubu (Picture via CITE)
Award winning Comedian Clive Chigubu (Picture via CITE)

DLBCL is a type of non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL), a cancer of the lymphatic system which develops when the body makes abnormal B lymphocytes. These lymphocytes are a type of white blood cell that normally help to fight infections.

According to a medical journal, Cancer Research UK, DLBCL grows quickly and treatment should start soon after diagnosis, something which is yet to happen in Chigubu’s case.

Clive Chigubu

Friends and family have been pleading for financial assistance.

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Opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) interim deputy spokesperson Gift Ostallos Siziba said:

“On a sad and painful note, we have lost one of Zimbabwe’s young and gifted artists Clive who passed away this morning. We appeal to you so that we give him a great send off.

“He was a talented person. Below are the family details: Paul Mlauzi 08 878641 W 08 Ecocash 0771 039 549.”

On Monday, Sunday News reporter Bruce Ndlovu reported that artists in Bulawayo and around Zimbabwe were coming together, with benefit events in a bid to rescue Chigubu.

Clive Chigubu (left) (Picture from screenshot of video by Magriza Made Me Cook YouTube channel)
Clive Chigubu (left) (Picture from screenshot of video by Magriza Made Me Cook YouTube channel)

Investigative journalist Hopewell Chin’ono has been taking the Zimbabwean authorities to task during the past few months for failing to buy even a single cancer machine for each and every big hospital.

On Chigubu’s death, Chin’ono said: “What a tragedy, he died from cancer.

“Behind my cries for cancer machines are real human beings who are suffering and dying lonely deaths everyday.

“Today we talk about Clive because he was famous, he represents thousands of people whom you don’t know of who are dying from cancer!” Nehanda Radio