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Rapper Stunner ordered to retract claims or face USD$50 000 lawsuit

Rapper Desmond ‘Stunner’ Chideme could find himself facing a USD$50 000 lawsuit after The DennyJ Show crew gave him 72 hours to retract his claims that they went to his home and paid his wife Dyonne to trash his image.

Last week on Tuesday Stunner appeared in court on allegations of assaulting his wife Dyonne Tafirenyika after a misunderstanding over her mobile phone soon after he performed at the Rainbow Towers Hotel in Harare.

Then on Thursday its claimed Stunner posted on his instagram page accusing The DennyJ Show crew of meddling in his domestic affairs.

The DennyJ Show
The DennyJ Show

It’s now being reported The DennyJ Show have given the “Godo” hitmaker 72 hours to retract his statements or face a USD$50 000 lawsuit.

Through their lawyers, Mashaya and Associates, the team said:

“We act on behalf of the proprietors of THE DENNY J SHOW kindly note our interest herein.

“On a date from the from 13th April 2022 you under the moniker “STUNNERZIM” posted a false and defamatory statement to third parties as follows:

“You have come to my house and you are paying Dyonne to talk crap about me.

“Our client has taken great exception to this woefully untruthful defamatory statement. This statement is false in that:

“Our client and its agents have never been nor are aware as to where your house is. If this statement is untrue please kindly provide proof of when our clients visited the house or where your reside.

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“Our client and its agents have never paid Dyonne or anyone for that matter for the purposes smearing or to “talk crap” about you or anyone.

“Naturally proof of payment of money to the said Dyonne is demanded forthwith.

“Proof once again of the instructions given by the Denny J Show to Dyonne to specifically smear or say “talk crap” about yourself is also demanded.

“The statement is defamatory in that in the mind of 3rd parties or the public, the Denny J Show knowingly and deliberately pays people to falsely smear or “talk crap” about people. The brand Denny J show as a result of your statement will be regarded as a show involved “hired smear campaigns”. This has defamed the Denny J show.”

Stunner and his wife Dyonne Tafirenyika
Stunner and his wife Dyonne Tafirenyika

Added the application:

“You have posted this false defamatory statement on a media handle wherein media platforms such ZimCelebs has you have over 191 000 followers. Other carried and published this false defamatory statement, it equally carrying 423 000 followers. The H Metro has also carried and publicized the same.

“Your false defamatory statement has caused severe damage to the brand of the Denny J Show. As a result, we do hereby demand the following within 72 hours of receipt of this letter of demand.

“Full public retraction, public clarification and public apology. On the same media handles used.

“A failure to do so will result in a defamation suit being filed against you and damages being sought to the tune USD $50 000.00 (Fifty thousand United States dollars).

“Subsequent order to attach any property in your name or title deeds if any will also be sought.

“Please be guided accordingly.

Yours faithfully

Machaya and Associates.”