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‘Mutami should show my other son dead or alive’- Mliswa threatens legal action

Outspoken Norton MP Temba Mliswa has threatened to drag his ex-girlfriend Susan Mutami to court if she fails to disclose one of the twins she purports he fathered.

Last week, Mliswa challenged Mutami to go for a DNA test to prove if he is the actual father of the alleged twins. This was after Mutami posted a picture of one of the twins on Twitter.

Mliswa has been trading jabs with Mutami on social media since their nasty breakup last year. Mliswa accused Mutami of bedding several government officials and being a Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) operative.

On Wednesday, Mliswa threatened to drag her to court if she fails to show him pictures of his alleged twins.

“In a twitter thread, Mliswa’s suspicions were raised by Mutami’s duplication of one birth registration form, and flaunting of one newborn on social media instead of the twins which he is alleged to have sired,” he said.

“I asked a simple question ‘Ko imwe Shumba iripi’ then @susan_mutami replied with toxic rants without even attempting to answer the question. The only option left is to apply for a habeas corpus order at the Court. She will have to show the other Shumba dead or alive.

“As a responsible parent I need to know all my children so that I can take care of them. I have already shown that with all the others why would I refuse for these.”

Mliswa asked Mutami last week if she really had the twins.

“Ko, Mai MaTwins, balance me here. When all is said and done, I don’t want to act irresponsibly, so in the spirit of tidying up affairs, we all need closure and a positive way forward. I’m a bit confused though, do you really have twins?

“I’ve only ever received one birth registration form for one child, you had the same one sent at 2 different times on the same day, look at the reg #. In your pics you only ever have one with you, in this pic, there’s only one child seat. Saka Susan, imwe Shumba iripi?” wrote Mliswa.

“inga the form clearly says what to do in the event of twins. Huuya tiite DNA, then kana vari(ari) wangu, Shumba ngadzipinde mudanga! Asi are you claiming only one is mine and the other is someone else’s?….(no photoshop please) the ball is in your court to clear this up.” Nehanda Radio