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The rise of a generation that will usher in a democratic breakthrough in Zimbabwe

By Netsai Marova

The birth of a new Democratic alternative, the Citizens Coalition for Change was widely received with joy by the majority of young people with all social media platforms turning yellow. Popular socialites, influencers, artists and radio personalities also joined the wave, confirming the inter generational consensus on the New.

The yellow Revolution, as some have dubbed it, has gained unbelievable traction in a very little space of time, confirming the already undoubted endorsement of President Nelson Chamisa as the executor of the general transformation of the mineral rich Zimbabwe.

Joana Mamombe, Netsai Marova and Cecilia Chimbiri

Whilst social media alone is not enough, the challenge now is upon every Zimbabwean to transform this new energy and passion into registered voters. Zimbabwe has over 8 million adult who are eligible to vote.

The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) announced that they will be conducting a blitz voter registration exercise this February, its an opportunity to ensure that every citizen gets in the books of ZEC to be able to vote in the much anticipated revolutionary plebiscite of 2023.

The road to a Democratic transition is a protracted one. And this being a new project, it is incumbent upon everyone to share and popularize the new brand. To market the values and principles of the party so that every citizen is aware of the economic and social recovery program the party is seeking to bring to life.

Elections in Zimbabwe has over the years been marred with irregularities, the New Project, The Coalition of Citizens for Change presents citizens with an opportunity of owning their own emancipation by being citizens funded, citizens driven.

This means citizens choose for themselves the party’s leadership and public office bearers, making them major stakeholders.

To sustain this social contract with the citizenry the party comes with a formidable code of ethics and values that seeks to chlorinate the rot that has characterized Zimbabwe since 1980.

With Citizens Coalition for Change, Zimbabwe is set to be happy again.