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Selmor Mtukudzi speaks on the burden of carrying Tuku’s legacy

Just like being a preacher’s child, society always has high expectations for the children of legends. These expectations often turn a blind eye to what these children really want.

Afro-jazz musician Selmor Mtukudzi – daughter of the late jazz icon Oliver Mtukudzi – has revealed how filling up her father’s shoes has been a challenge for her and her personal music career.

Speaking during a radio interview on Power FM with Chamvary, Selmor said carrying on with Tuku’s legacy is a challenge for her especially when she goes out to perform.

“It’s a burden because some people come and say why are you playing mdara’s music? When I don’t play his music some come and say ‘why are you not playing mdara’s music? So it’s hard to please everyone,” said Selmor.

She added that all she wants is people to see her as a reminder of Tuku but not to expect her to fill in his shoes.

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“I want people to just see me as his reminder. All I want is people to look at me and think of the great man who was loved by people.

“Zvekuzoti chimboimba sababa vako kwakuzondieomesera,” she added.

She also revealed that she has no intentions to fill in her father’s shoes because they are way too big for her.

“There’s no way I can fill in his shoes. They are way to gigantic,” she said.

Selmor who is also an independent musician said her wish is to walk her own path without having to carry the burden of carrying her father’s legacy.

“I just want to walk my path but I don’t mind having him around me,” said Selmor.

As far as her music career is concerned, Selmor has been doing fairly well. She released her latest album last week titled ‘Ndangwara.’ She has also ventured into side hustles which include her online grocery store and vlogging about their day to day life. Nehanda Radio