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Cop bashed in domestic violence

By Nelias Shiri

A 27-year-old woman from Fairbridge Police Camp who allegedly ran amok, bashed her husband who is a police officer and smashed electrical gadgets worth more than $8 000 following a domestic dispute, will know her fate on Friday.


Bulawayo magistrate, Ms Nomagugu Maphosa, remanded Tafadzwa Gwata out of custody to June 4 for sentencing.

Gwata pleaded not guilty to one count of physical abuse and another count of malicious damage to property.

Mr Owen Mugari, representing the State, said Gwata indiscriminately punched and slapped her husband, Armstrong Macheka (30) whose rank was not mentioned in court, all over his body.

The court heard that the altercation ensued when Mr Macheka’s father-in-law phoned him and informed him that he wanted to talk to Gwata, his daughter, as her phone was not reachable.

Mr Macheka lied to him in the presence of his wife that he was not at home. This angered Gwata who shouted at her husband and accused him of disrespecting her father.

Gwata, after a harsh exchange of words, beat up her husband. She tore her husband’s trousers during the violent attack. Mr Macheka didn’t retaliate and he sustained minor injuries.

Gwata took a solar panel, radio and inverter and smashed them on the ground. The electrical gadgets cannot be repaired. Mr Macheka made a police report leading to Gwata’s arrest.

In her defence, Gwata denied attacking her husband, arguing that she took the solar panel and used it as a shield to protect herself from her husband who was assaulting her with a broom.

She said her husband reported the matter to the police to cover up his assault offence.

Ms Maphosa said Gwata’s witnesses’ statements were not corroborated, indicating that they were lying before the court.

The prosecutor, Mr Mugari said on 22 March 2021 at an unknown time at Fairbridge Police Camp Gwata assaulted Mr Macheka after a domestic quarrel.

“Gwata went on damaging property namely solar panels, radio and inverter by smashing them all on the ground,” said Mr Mugari.

The value of the damaged electrical gadgets is $8 400. The Chronicle