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earGROUND: Rapper Ti Gonzi opens up on his weakness for drugs

By Keith Mlauzi | Nehanda Showbiz |

Hip Hop artist Ti Gonzi has opened up on using drugs and constantly being under the influence.

Zimbabwean rapper Ti Gonzi
Zimbabwean rapper Ti Gonzi

Speaking during a Live Facebook interview with blogger Plot Mhako, Ti Gonzi real name Tinashe Gonzara said he was not ashamed of his weakness and proudly revealed how he used to take intoxicating substances such as Ngoma (Cough Syrup) but quit due to his health condition.

“Panyaya yekudhakwa I will be very honest with you, inini ndairova ngoma but ndakazosiya because ndakawona kuti ndzingandiwuraya because of my condition but ziso rangu rinogara riri red nechamba,” he said.

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He revealed that as much as he quit Ngoma he still takes weed because it give him the confidence to speak out his mind.

“Ngoma ndakasiya asi Chamba ndinorova. I am not a perfect person but mbanje dzinondiita kuti ndinyatsotaura zviri mu pfungwa mangu. Inini I am a talkative person saka mbanje dzinondibatsira ipapo,” he added.

TiGonzi and Ishan receive one of their awards on Saturday (Pic by Marshall Shonhai)
TiGonzi and Ishan receive one of their awards (Pic by Marshall Shonhai)

Speaking about his other weaknesses the Kure hit maker confirmed that they are all true and he is not ashamed of them.

“The weaknesses anotaurwa nevanhu are true I am a human being. Andizi perfect but one thing for sure I am a very straightforward person.

Ti Gonzi
Ti Gonzi

The rapper who recently released his “Sendiri Two” retraced his 2019 near death experience after he was stabbed by four armed robbers while he was on his way to a friend’s house.

“This EP release is borne out of the scars of a near-death experience which brought about a change in my life as it has ushered in a spiritual unction cutting deep into his personal being,” he said.

Gonzi broke the Zim Hip Hop record for being the first Hip Hop artist to be nominated and win the NAMA Outstanding Male Artist award in 2020 ahead of Winky D and Mambo Dhuterere.