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Const Amendment 2: ‘Stop giving women freebies’ – Temba Mliswa

By Nyashadzashe Ndoro | Nehanda Politics |

Norton MP Temba Mliswa has denounced Constitutional Amendment (No. 2) Bill of 2019 for possessing a section intending to extend Proportional Representation of women in Parliament.

Temba Mliswa
Temba Mliswa

The outspoken MP said he did not agree with its contents because women already constituted the majority of voters in Zimbabwe and they should be given the same battlefield to contest with men.

“Regarding Constitutional Amendment (No. 2) H. B. 23, I don’t agree with the section on the extension of Proportional Representation. Women are the majority according to the voters roll so why should they be given free seats?” he said.

“This is why we face challenges where compromised ladies occupy PR seats for patronage. Sadly and unfairly, many end up being accused of being embroiled in relationships with political leadership to gain those positions; it demeans women.

“Women must guide their integrity and dignity by ensuring they’re not given freebies. Being the majority, they must nominate and vote for each other according to capacity.”

Mliswa added: “Even the 30% for Councillors does not make sense. Zimbabwe is just too small to create more constituencies just to accommodate people to consolidate power. That’s the way it’s going.

“I’m totally against it because of the 210 constituencies in existence, we could rather allocate 50% to female candidates where they fairly contest for election rather than be given free seats.

“Of the 50%, some could probably also be allocated to the youth, disabled and war veterans too according to demographics. Right now, including Senators, we have 350 National Assembly members; it doesn’t make sense at all. @ParliamentZim

“Coming to the amendment regarding the Executive’s approval of MPs not being Provincial Council members. But why should the Executive appoint Board Members too? Where is the aspect of oversight? In SA, parastatal Board Members are appointed by Parliament, they report to Parliament.”

Mliswa said it was important that MPs have oversight of devolution resources because when one goes to devolve, “you also have to make sure structures are in place that ensure oversight, so it goes with devolution for MPs to sit on Provincial Councils.”

He accused Mnangagwa’s regime of being keen to “cartel” issues of oversight “so they may continue plundering and pursuing corrupt activities. This debate is ongoing.

“Govts or political parties in power, must not use the 2/3rds majority to abuse their numbers to change the Constitution to suit them as did the late RGM, although it was in vain. These changes can also come around to bite you back. There’s no party that’s in power forever

“We major on the minors and yet we have matters to do with people living with disabilities where many compliance issues remain outstanding, the war veterans welfare is still a thorny issue and provisions for ensuring youth inclusion in Boards etc are overlooked

“We’re too keen to enact punitive laws to consolidate power.

“As we draw closer to elections, what should be evident is the progress the Govt has made in the delivery of what they said they will do, not of consolidating power. That’s a waste of time and money,” Mliswa said. Nehanda Radio