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Njuzu in dramatic U-turn…. shifts blame for leaked videos to Ms Shally

By Keith Mlauzi | Nehanda Showbiz |

After initially suggesting that her viral bedroom videos were leaked by a ‘bitter ex-boyfriend’ from two years ago, socialite, Monalisa ‘Njuzu’ Zulu has shifted the blame to rival Ms Shally.

Njuzu and Ms Shally
Njuzu and Ms Shally

Posting on her Instastories Njuzu accused Ms Shally real name Shaleen Nullens of digging up her past and also hinted that she was suffering from depression and could possibly commit suicide.

“Depression is real; cyber bullying is bad. Ms.Shally I hope you got what you wanted, digging my past is as good as digging my grave. Please mom take care of my son and let him know that I love him,” read Njuzu’s post.

Initially on Monday evening in a live Instagram chat, Njuzu had suggested that her bedroom videos were leaked by a bitter ex-boyfriend from the past saying it was probably because of all the attention she was getting.

“It’s not my fault that I fell in love with that man two years ago… And it doesn’t make sense why someone would do such a thing like this, maybe it’s because of the drama and trending happening around me,” she said.

Njuzu and Ms Shally do not see eye to eye as they were caught up in a public love triangle with South Africa based businessman and socialite, Trevor ‘The Hell Commander’ Mbizvo.

This is not the first time Njuzu has had to throw heavy accusations at Ms Shally when Mbizvo was involved in an accident with his Lamborghini Huracan, Njuzu accused Shally of having bad luck saying she needed to be ‘cleansed’.

“If you’ve stayed with someone for a very long time and they die you need to get cleansed soon after because wherever you go you’ll always carry their shadow. Whoever you meet in life you are a danger to them,” said Njuzu.

Meanwhile Ms Shally has chosen to ignore Njuzu’s accusations by remaining silent and keeping a distance from the drama. Nehanda Radio