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Anne Nhira was planning a wedding

By Latwell Nyangu

The late Anne Nhira who died on Thursday last week after a robbery attack, was planning her wedding. Her body has since left Joburg for Harare and is expected in the country early tomorrow.

Anne’s sister

Burial arrangements have been tentatively set for Sunday.

Speaking during a memorial service which was held in Joburg, her sister said:

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“I am her sister who stays in Cape Town; our mothers are sisters.

“I think I am the only sister here in SA. When I heard the death, I was worried on what we can do.
“She died on Thursday and I prayed that God guide us before we started processing the documents, but all went well.

Scenes during the memorial service
Scenes during the memorial service

“She was my best friend, I knew everything about her, I knew her deep secrets and she knew mine as well.

“If I had a problem, I would call her anytime, even midnight, and she would respond.

“She told me in January that she wanted a wedding, and I was happy.”

She added:

“I was pained, is this the wedding, ndiwo here muchato wacho munin’ina.

“Last week we were talking about gowns and I asked her if she had bought the gown which she had promised. But she said she was still raising the money.

“The day she died, I sent her a message, which she didn’t respond to, it had one tick and I thought she would respond since she normally does that late.

“I then got carried away, only to receive a message from my uncle that she had passed on. I am still to believe that she is gone.

“I took her as my mother, she was everything to me, she has left a gap, who am I going to tell my issues, problems.

“Fortunately she died in Christ.”

Juan Nhira
Juan Nhira

Her brother Juan said:

“I am here to celebrate not mourn, her life was like a novel, more like a book, a movie, I want to forget the tragedy that happened to her.

“I want the world to look at her dreams, goals, anything she wanted to be and I want people not to cry, but to celebrate, she was pure.

“It’s really painful, hard for me and I just want everybody to know that she was an inspiration, I copied everything from her.

“She was my big sister, I was always following her around, it’s sad, she is gone, I never expected it.
“I don’t want the world to look at what happened, but to look at the 38 years, she brought so much energy, inspiration.

“Her legacy is going to continue.”

Relatives and friends also spoke about her good deeds. H-Metro