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‘Exposing Zanu PF corruption should continue – it fuels divisions within the party’

By Sindile Ncube

We continue to see Zanu PF’s abuse of power happening at a level unseen perhaps since Gukurahundi. As democrats, our responses have been a bit scattered and lacking bite and focus.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa during an interview on Carte Blanche in 2018
President Emmerson Mnangagwa during an interview on Carte Blanche in 2018

Many will have noticed that, in response to the abuse of power in Zimbabwe by Zanu PF, the pattern for most people is one involving a description of the atrocities followed by expressions of anger and disappointment.

Yes, some will say we should go out into the streets and demonstrate, but that is such a big step considering what people will be faced with (military armed with guns and bad breath).

I really think people who want this regime gone need to focus on areas which can potentially weaken Zanu PF’s grip on power.

Yes, I know it’s difficult to weaken a regime that is in full control of every aspect of life in Zimbabwe; police, army, air force, courts, Reserve Bank, passports, water, electricity, farming, education, and everything else you can think, and they run these like a growth point bottle store.

Nonetheless, over the last few months we have noticed that there are things which put Zanu PF into a panic, and one of those is exposing their corrupt activities. This is why Hopewell is in jail – he was very consistent and thorough in his exposure of Mnangagwa’s corrupt activities.

By the way let’s not get too carried away thinking that Zanu PF don’t like exposure of corruption because of some desire not to look like crooks. No it is not!

When it comes to corruption, it’s not so much a sense of embarrassment which Zanu PF don’t want to deal with but rather the fact that the theft of money in the country shows up divisions within the party itself, which is what we want. Here is an example:

Imagine a 10 men gang of tuck-shop robbers who have the protection of the local police. Despite people’s efforts to get these undesirables arrested, their crime spree continues to flourish. Imagine this gang have just stolen USD$5000. When the locals talk in general about this recent robbery, expressing their anger and disgust – it’s not going to embarrass these robbers.

This is what they do, it’s their job description!

But if people talk about the robbery and break down how the USD5000 was shared between the robbers, the robbers will inevitably compare the figures being touted with what they got and any discrepancies will fuel divisions which could break up the gang.

The fall outs in Zanu are often a result of a section of the satanists benefiting more from the corruption than others. These people will never fall out over want of democracy or respect of humans rights, no! They don’t care about those things. They care about lining their pockets. When money is being stolen by Mnangagwa and his inner circle, the loot is not being shared fairly and some of the reasons for this include the following:

• Mnangagwa and his inner circle’s addiction to swindling everyone including those in Zanu

• tribalism

• lack of trust within the regime

• the presence of G40 within the ranks (G40 being that faction in Zanu that hates Mnangagwa with a passion)

This is why it is important to keep exposing Zanu corruption with detailed breakdowns of how the spoils are being shared. It has the potential to weaken the party.

Yes, other forms of abuse of power by Zanu should be discussed but I don’t see any divisions emerging in the party when innocent people are imprisoned or when MDC activists are killed in cold blood by state agents – it’s a job description of Zanu, they will not lift an eyelid about that.

No sense of guilt whatsoever. But if we talk about how they are ripping each other off, it enhances the distrust in the party. We need them looking over their shoulder. We need to do what Hopewell was doing – exposing corruption with rock solid detailed research.


Sindile Ncube can be followed on twitter @sindiscorner