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We cannot afford to be ignorant about Covid

By Sindile Ncube

Over the last year, I have seen many many social media posts by Africans who are anti vaxxers. Imagine that, an African that is against medical interventions. Do people even read the things they forward? Do people forget who is in charge in Zimbabwe?

Acting Bulawayo Provincial Medical Director Dr Welcome Mlilo receives his Covid-19 vaccine jab at UBH in Bulawayo yesterday
Acting Bulawayo Provincial Medical Director Dr Welcome Mlilo receives his Covid-19 vaccine jab at UBH in Bulawayo

How can you say no to a vaccine that you are being offered for free? You think when you get ill, Zanu hospitals will treat you? We are on our own people, we need every help we can get, and the vaccine is that help.

These anti vaxxers believe that ‘the whites’ are trying to use the vaccine as a way to control or kill black people. It’s ridiculous. As Zimbabweans we cannot afford to be ignorant in this pandemic. All the medical experts say the vaccine is the only way out of this crisis. Just as it was with TB and many other diseases which claimed millions of lives.

To then hear someone from Zimbabwe, a country that doesn’t have a functional health system, or anything resembling public service, forwarding idiotic anti vaccination messages is sad.

Where is this Ignorance coming from? Are Zimbabweans now also in the business of importing ignorance from Trump supporters who by the way regard Africa as a sh*thole. You want to take medical advice from those people, do you?

Then there are those papas going on camera discouraging people from taking the vaccine and calling it poisonous, pretty much singing from the same hymn sheet as the other racists. I suppose a papa who makes money from people’s despair while giving them false hope, would not celebrate anything that protects people from illness.

My message to people is please do not be ignorant. Take the vaccine and observe social distancing guidelines. Whatever it is that you want to achieve will be pointless at the end of the day because if you catch this virus it could be the end for you.

Look what the virus is doing to the arrogant Satanists in Zanu who are falling one by one. If the virus can do that to them, what makes you think you are immune? Let’s not be ignorant.

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