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Bren Mupa: Why have you remained quiet Baba Guti at a time like this?

By Bren Mupa

I had to gather courage to be able to pen this down. I have used this unconventional route that might be deemed as controversial and rebellious by some.

Bren Mupa with Apostle Ezekiel Guti and his wife
Bren Mupa with Apostle Ezekiel Guti and his wife

I do understand, the church gets uncomfortable when people ask questions. It is seen as ungodly and lack of wisdom to question the man of God.

My name is Bren Mupa; I was born on the 5th of December 1984. All I have known for the 35 years of my life when it comes to church is, ZAOGA FIF. My parents happen to be leaders in this ministry. I am writing on my own behalf, the situation in Zimbabwe has influenced me to do so.

I have known you as my spiritual Father, The man who hears from God. The man who is given a vision by God at the beginning of every year. A man who is told by God what the year holds. I believe you are a true man of God who was raised by God.

When you speak everyone listens. Why have you remained quiet Baba on the issues that concern the ordinary citizens of Zimbabwe?

Why have you remained quiet Baba at a time like this when police brutality is rampant in all corners of our nation? Why do you continue to eat and sit at the same table with those that brutalise us your church members?

Ten days prayer points alone are not enough Baba. You ask us to pray for our leaders yet we see no change, the situation is getting worse. Perhaps if you speak up and denounce the evils caused by the bad governance they might listen.

Why do you continue accepting their invites to their ungodly gatherings? I saw you at the inauguration clapping and nodding to the song ‘Mdhara vachawuya’

The Church members might raise millions of dollars that benefit your projects but that is not the true reflection of every church member on the ground. There have been allegations on how you have benefited from this corrupt regime; you have remained quiet on this matter.

We are in the middle of a global pandemic, the economy is failing but the flock has remained obedient to all financial church requests. These are the same people who are suffering in the hands of police brutality and dying because of our failing healthcare system. All I am requesting is for you to speak loud and clear against the evil happening in the land of Zimbabwe.

I am not asking you to be Reverend AL Sharpton who speaks bravely about any kinds of injustice, I am only asking you to do your part in showing that we are together in this fight.

This is what the evil regime is doing to the citizens incase you missed it:

“Listen! You leaders, you rulers, should you not know justice? Yet you hate what is good and love what is evil. You tear the skin off my people and pull the flesh off their bones. You eat their flesh and flay off their skin, breaking their bones into pieces and chop them up like meat in a kettle, like flesh in a pot. You hate what is just, you disregard what is equitable, you build Zion through violence and bloodshed and the city of Jerusalem through wrongdoing. Your judges decide cases based on bribes, your priests teach a palatable message to receive pay and your prophets share favorable visions for money” (Micah 3:1-4, 9-12).

I am not rebellious but I am just a bruised Zimbabwe citizen who happens to be a church girl.


Bren Mupa is a UK based journalist MA Student (PR Multimedia Communications) Stylist/Personal Shopper Presenter/MC