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Classy Zimbabwean Homes Facebook group organise ‘bash’ in the UK

By Esther Gomo

The team behind the Classy Zimbabwean Homes … (Kurongedza, Kushongedza Nekuchenesa Dzimba), Facebook group is hosting a “Classy Homes Interior Bash” in Kettering, UK on Saturday.

One of the group admins Ivy Mango-Chatora told Nehanda Radio; “We are expecting at least 200+ people on the day with 180 registered already. The Bash is for people who love and appreciate beautiful homes and love interior design and  home deco.

Chatora said “women and men will be swarming from across UK to attend this ‘First One Of It’s Kind Event ‘ in our Zim community. We are using the Kettering Conference Center.

“The room is going to also have beds, sofas, dining tables and all sorts of home deco decorated around the room for inspiration. It’s definitely going to be an opulent & luxury event,” she said.

The toastmaster for the event is fashion journalism student Bren Mupa.

The Classy Zimbabwean Homes Facebook group has an impressive 106 000 members and says “It is our desire that members of the group share THEIR personal pictures, ideas, tips and all relevant information to do with keeping our homes tidy!”

Classy Zimbabwean Homes
Classy Zimbabwean Homes
Classy Zimbabwean Homes