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Hondo Yeminda song writer doesn’t have a house or farm, blames Zanu PF

By Nyashadzashe Ndoro

Last Chiyangwa affectionately known as Tambaoga, the man who wrote “Hondo Yeminda” a song that mobilised Zimbabweans to support the land reform programme under the late former president Robert Mugabe has claimed to be homeless and blamed Zanu PF for neglecting him. 

Last Chiangwa a.k.a Tambaoga and Plot Mhako
Last Chiangwa a.k.a Tambaoga and Plot Mhako

In an interview with Plot Mhako from EarGround, the Rambai Makashinga singer, Tambaoga accused Zanu PF official and former Higher and Tertiary Education minister, Olivia Muchena’s family of throwing him out of his house in Dzivarasekwa Extension.

Regardless of all the songs he sang advocating for the land reform programme that saw mainly ruling party militants being used to seize white owned farms by ruling party elites, Tambaoga has claimed that he did not even get a farm from the Zanu PF administration.

“I need a house, I’m homeless right now. I got a house in Dzivarasekwa Extension and council told me there were double allocations of that house with the child of Olivia Muchena claiming its ownership. They took my house in Dzivarasekwa which I had acquired by following all government requirements.

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“I lost everything I had. They threw my property out of my house and took it. I got another one at Whitecliff where I was staying but because of the debts I had to request to stay for longer time because I knew they wanted to take it because I was broke and not singing.

“I gave the house to my cousin who then paid for it and he stays there. I do not have a house neither did I buy it with the song I wrote.

“I’m actually praying that my ancestors and God allow me to sing again and I buy a house and to be able to take care of my family,” Tambaoga said.

He added that he did not regret the revolutionary songs but blamed Zanu PF for betraying their struggles.

“I do not regret singing all the songs I composed. I do not regret singing ‘Hondo Yeminda’ but what we blamed are leaders who after the land reform programme failed to take care of children of Zimbabwe.

“There was nothing wrong in advocating for each and every Zimbabwean citizen to get land after independence,” Tambaoga said. Nehanda Radio