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Myanmar-based Zim footballer Victor Kamhuka says he is home sick

Myanmar-based footballer Victor Kamhuka says he is home sick since the Covid-19-induced lockdown has forced him to spend most time alone.

Victor Kamhuka
Victor Kamhuka

The Zimbabwean defender said everyone around the world should participate in the fight against the pandemic to help return life to normal.

“It’s not that easy to stay alone for such a long time. Not being able to move around and meet people you used to hang out with.

“If I was home in Zimbabwe I would be spending time with my family but I am away and really home sick,” said Kamhuka.

He said though Myanmar has relaxed lockdown regulations starting yesterday, life has not been the same.

“This is time for us to be in this together. To join hands and fight off the disease because what I know is that everyone is not happy with the situation. We have to be in this together so that life gets back to normal,” said Kamhuka.

Kamhuka, however, said they have been given the greenlight that the league will likely start next month.

The Ayeyawady United defender said he hopes things work out for the good around the world.

“But the good thing is now we have been given a green light that in May we have to start.

“The lockdown here was for 10 days and they did not extend, we have started movement but obviously under some restrictions.

“The wish is things get back to normal everywhere,” he said. H-Metro