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‘Orchestra Mberikwazvo is safe’

By Trust Khosa

Alick Macheso’s handlers say the Orchestra Mberikwazvo family will pull through during the 21-day lockdown which began today.

Alick Macheso portrays a sad gesture while performing at Castle Tankard on Saturday
Alick Macheso portrays a sad gesture while performing at the Castle Tankard

There are genuine fears that most groups are likely to be affected during the three-week lockdown as most artistes are living from hand to mouth.

However, Macheso’s right hand man and publicist – Tich Makahamadze – allayed the fears saying all was well at Orchestra Mberikwazvo.

“We held a meeting with the boys and they understood that the situation was beyond our control since it is now a global issue.

“As such, we have realised that it was noble that we enlighten them on how were going to operate.

“The band members will continue getting their salaries but we can’t explain how they will get then their allowances to the media.

“We have a win-win arrangement and they agreed as we hope for the situation to normalise,” he said.

Makahamadze said they had addressed them on how they should handle themselves during such trying times.

“We have addressed them and told them on the need to take precautions during the trying times like these ones.

“They all know the meaning of lockdown and what is needed during these trying times like adhering to the precautions set aside by the health experts,” he said.

He however said they will not hesitate to bail out each other when the need arises.

“As you know, there are some cases like emergencies and as Orchestra Mberikwazvo we are always ready for such occupancies.

“When news about Covid-19 were broken in China and that it was spreading fast, we knew very well that there was need for us to be prepared and we will be monitoring the situation in the next 21 days.

“The 21 days will help us to further strategise and see how best to control the situation,” he added.

Unquestionably the country’s biggest crowd-puller, Macheso has long suspended live shows after the initial Government directive which banned the public gathering for 100 people.

The situation was even worse when the ban was reduced to 50 and finally a 21-day lock which comes into effect today. H Metro