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Zanu PF youths armed with machetes barricade Matapi Police Station

Zanu PF youths armed with machetes and logs went on a rampage in Mbare on Wednesday, indiscriminately attacking residents a day after a rally by opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) leader Nelson Chamisa at Stodart Hall in the township.

File picture of Zanu PF youths invading Gweru bus terminus

A statement issued by the MDC Deputy National Spokesperson Luke Tamborinyoka said;

“The MP for the area, Hon. Starman Chamisa is reportedly holed up in a police station, hiding from the marauding gang. He has just tweeted saying he was still holed up in the police station as the machete-wielding youths continue to bay for his blood.”

“The Zanu PF youths have run amok and wreaked havoc by attacking residents and dispersing any group of innocent residents going about their business. 

“Hon. Chamisa was holed up in the police station where he had gone to check up on party supporters who have been needlessly arrested in the morning before the rowdy youths turned up to cause commotion at the station,” Tamborinyoka said in the statement.

The MDC Harare Province tweeted a confirmation of the disturbances on Wednesday and said;

“ZANU PF youths armed with machetes and iron bars have barricaded Matapi Police Station. They are threatening to attack Mbare Constituency MP Starman Chamisa who had entered the police station to secure the release of MDC members arrested earlier on trumped up charges.”

MDC Bulawayo Provincial Spokesman Swithern Chirowodza tweeted:

“Mnangagwa-led Junta shows its true colours. ZANOIDS with axes, destroy MDC cadres market stall, besiege Mbare’s Matapi Police Station and attempt to savage MDC MPs and their comrades. NO ZANU assailant arrested. ZRP arrests three MDC cadres.”