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He is not my Ben 10: Rutendo Samaz

US-based socialite, Rutendo “Samaz” Saurombe, has denied claims that singer Doubles WekwaMarange is her “Ben 10.

Socialite Rutendo Loveness Saurombe and singer Doubles WekwaMarange
Socialite Rutendo Loveness Saurombe and singer Doubles WekwaMarange

She also put to rest claims of her buying Marange a Range Rover as only a social media joke to put off haters.

After making headlines in the press last week that the two are in an ‘Olinda-Tytan’ relationship, the US based 42-year-old beauty then posted that she will buy the Marange a Range Rover vehicle.

Marange recently released a dedication song for Rutendo Samaz praising her beauty, how she has managed to take good care of herself and her being free spirited.

This raised suspicion among social media users on whether the 29-year-old Marange’s move was genuine or is another ‘Tytan stunt’ for him to get to the US.

“Marange is my home boy, we are both from Bocha and given our age difference, I treat him like a little brother.

“Dating him has never crossed my mind because I just never think that way about a brother.

“I usually date older guys which also adds to why I cannot date him,” said Saurombe.

She added:

“When I posted that I want to buy him a Range Rover, I was just trying to put off people that always want to negatively criticise.

“Marange only sang a song for me and some already think we are dating or in a relationship, which is not it.

“Some people can’t just see thing for what they are and want their conclusions to matter to be the story but in this case it’s not.

“So, I just did that to put them off.” H-Metro